Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie

Stress, mental wellbeing and substance use in students @UT


BA assignment

Internal, in collaboration with Student Affairs Coaching and Counseling (SACC)

How many students: Max 4

Own data collection: YES 

Type of research: Quantitative empirical   

EC: 15       



Stress and mental wellbeing in students is a hot topic, with news outlets frequently reporting on a staggering number of students who suffer from stress and mental complaints. The University of Twente takes these signals very seriously  and has established a working group led by the department of Student Affairs Coaching and Counseling. This working group cooperates intensively with student psychologists, deans and counselors and can thereby take into account the current support structure for students. Their first goal is to gain insight in the issue at our University, which will inform the next steps to take appropriate actions to help tackle the issue.

The goal of the current assignment is to gain a representative overview of the levels of stress, mental wellbeing and complaints, and substance use in students of the University of Twente. Another goal is to evaluate different scenarios for supporting students in dealing with stress. To achieve this goal, a large online survey will be conducted. In this assignment, you will help create this survey (think about what measures would be useful) and recruit participants. For recruitment, you will be assisted by e.g. student counselors to be able to reach students from the different faculties.

You choose your own research question based on your interest and the possibilities that this large study has to offer. You could, for example, focus on differences in wellbeing of students based on characteristics of their study program; or focus on whether there is a relationship between stress and wellbeing.


Who are we looking for?

You already have affinity for the target group, because you are part of it! We’re looking for ambitious, pro-active students who take initiative and who would like to make an effort to make the University an even better place for students!


What do we offer?

We offer the chance to work on a societally relevant issue and experience how scientific research can directly impact the policy of an organization. Furthermore, this assignment allows you to work together with different stakeholders at our University to improve policy and practice!



Dr. Saskia Kelders

External supervisor/initiator: Anne-Marie Hoogland (SACC)