Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie


Existence and evaluation of psychological apps for partners of cancer patients

Type of assignment:                    MA

Internal or external?:                    Internal

Maximum number of students:     1

Individual collecting of data?        Yes

Type of research:                         Systematic review

Description of the assignment:

Partners of cancer patients are an essential pillar in the cancer trajectory. The patient’s cancer can have an enormous impact on the partner’s life and (mental) health. To support them, psychological interventions are needed. However, partners of cancer patients are often extremely busy and supporting them can be challenging. Apps could offer a possible solution to aiding partners since they could circumvent caregivers’ time restraints and daily, unpredictable demands.


In this project, you will systematically search for existing psychological apps for partners (or other informal caregivers) of cancer patients in the Google Play store or Apple store and you will evaluate these apps. For example, you can think about the following research questions: How many apps are available? Are they based on a clear theoretical framework (such as Acceptance and Commitment therapy, self-compassion, mindfulness)? Are persuasive technology features incorporated in the apps?


Who are we looking for? Do you want to learn more about the situation of caregivers of cancer patients? Are you interested in eHealth and persuasive technology? Do you want to conduct a systematic review in an unusual setting (Goolge Play Store/ Apple store)? In that case this is the perfect project for you!


What are we offering? You are participating in a highly relevant and up to date topic.


More information?: Please contact Nadine Köhle for more information, 053 489 2092;

Supervisor: Dr. Nadine Köhle

Additional: More information about the background of partners of cancer patients and a web-based intervention particularly developed for this target group can be found here: