Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie

Title: Evidence and practice based information for patients

Type of assignment:                         BA

Internal or external?:                       external (Medisch Spectrum Twente;

Maximum number of students:     2

Individual collecting of data?         Yes

Type of research:                              qualitative data collection (e.g. literature review, interviews)

Description of the assignment: In MST patient education is offered to many groups of patients to help them changing their lifestyle (for example in pulmonary rehabilitation or kidney dialysis). Mostly this occurs face-to-face, which is labour intensive and probably not always very effective.

In recent years patient education in MST has been changed. More and more  we make use of information letters, which are also digital available. It is unknown if the current way of patient education is in accordance with evidence from literature.

Purpose of this assignment is to make an inventory of our existing materials / methods of patient education and to advise us how to change these materials / methods so that these are in accordance with evidence / advices from literature.

Who are we looking for? Students with affinity with patient education, behavioural change interventions, and patients with chronic conditions.

What are we offering? -

More information?: Paulien Timmerije

Supervisor: to be determined.