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MST: E-health in early cardiac rehabilitation.


Type of assignment:                        BA

Internal or external?:                      external (Medisch Spectrum Twente;

Maximum number of students:    2

Individual collecting of data?        no

Type of research:                             quantitative

Description of the assignment:


Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) has shown to be an effective treatment to reduce mortality and morbidity among cardiac patients who underwent cardiac surgery. Exercise training is a major component of CR. It usually starts in the hospital and continues in an outpatient setting six weeks after discharge from the hospital.  In the intervening period patients continue rehabilitation by themselves with the advices they received in the hospital. Research has shown that patients experience this intervening period as stressful. They feel insufficiently supported and are in need of more information and advice. To respond to the needs of patients, a personalized home-based online exercise program has been developed for patients who underwent open heart surgery. This program allows patients to start rehabilitation in an early phase (before the start of the traditional outpatient rehabilitation) under supervision of a physical therapist.


A quasi-experimental study with three measurement moments has been conducted comparing patients who completed a traditional outpatient exercise-based CR program (control group) with patients who completed an early (home-based) online exercise CR program (in the first 6 weeks after discharge from the hospital) as adjuvant to the traditional outpatient exercise-based CR program (intervention group). Main outcome measue is exercise capacity, measured with the 6 min walktest. Secondary outcomes measures are physical activity, quality of llife, disability, anxiety, depression and satisfaction with treatment.



Aim of this assignment is to analyse the data and assess the effectiveness of early cardiac rehabilitation. Another possibility is to assess compliance and investigate the determinants of non-compliance. Own ideas can also be discussed.


Who are we looking for? A student with affinity with quantitative analyses. No other specficiations needed.

What are we offering?

More information?: dr. M.M. Veehof, occupational therapist / health scientist, Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST),, 06-11769873

Supervisor: to be determined