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Title: GGD Twente: Literature review on non-institutionalized female commercial sex workers 


Type of assignment:                    BA

Internal or external?:                    External: location GGD Twente, study could also be performed at the university or even at home

Maximum number of students:     1

Individual collecting of data?        No

Type of research:                         literature review

Description of the assignment:


Nowadays, prostitutes are referred to as commercial sex workers, implying that not only women, but also men, can be commercial sex workers (CSW). The public health services (PHS) in the Netherlands test every CSW that is willing on sexually transmitted infections (STI). Also, we perform outreach at sex establishments to test the women and men for STI. Another department of the public health service makes inspections at sex establishments.



Female CSW that work in sex establishments are monitored carefully. But there is little knowledge about female CSWs that work at home or are driven around by a chauffeur. We do not know if these women come in for STI testing (who tests for STI, the GP or the PHS?), how many risk they are taking (sex with or without a condom, number of sexual partners, anticonception, druguse, et cetera), if they ever had an STI and how they are doing (safety, violence, stigma, et cetera).



Firstly, a qualitative research will be conducted by PHS Twente and PHS Limburg Zuid, where reasons for STI testing are being explored. Secondly, a big national quantitative research is being planned among non-institutionalized female CSWs.



Which literature is known about non-institutionalized female CSWs, what is the STI posivity among them, which risk behaviour are they showing and what are their demographics (age, ethnicity, etc.)


Inclusion criteria for literature research

-Escort FCSWs

-FCSWs that work from home


Exclusion criteria

-Male CSWs

-Street CSWs

Who are we looking for? A student with affinity with literature studies, no other specifications needed

What are we offering? If needed, a workspace could be created at the GGD

More information?:

Karlijn Kampman, arts Maatschappij en Gezondheid. Email:

Tel: 0534876868 GGD Twente, Enschede

Supervisor: to be determined