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Titel: Learning by gaming

Validation of a competency matrix for a e-learning game to improve risk- and crisis-communication among healthcare professionals concerning zoonotic outbreaks.

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Background information:

Animal-human or zoonotic transmission of communicable diseases carries considerable economic and public health burdens that could increase exponentially as antimicrobial resistance grows worldwide and new zoonotic diseases emerge. In the Netherlands at least 19 people died as a consequence of the Q-fever outbreak (2007-2010), while the societal costs have been estimated between EUR 161-366 million. Yet the onset and course of outbreaks are shaped by potentially modifiable social and behavioral factors and therefore preventable or contained by rapid response.

Timely and adequate cooperation and risk- and crisis-communication between various healthcare professionals in the veterinary, human and public health sectors is paramount to enable such rapid response. Serious gaming offers a low threshold and dynamic way to train stakeholders to be prepared for outbreak management. For that purpose, a serious game must be designed to aim at some of the key competences for adequate cooperation.  

Aim of the study:

In this project, you will participate in the development of a web-based dashboard, called eZoon, consisting of an adaptive Question and Answer system and an e-learning game for professionals and the general public. The eZoon dashboard will increase awareness, self-management via self-learning, and user-adaptive communication and e-learning systems. Learning while gaming has considerable promise to educate professionals in managing highly complex situations (e.g., outbreaks).

Various healthcare professionals are considered to be the target group of the eZoon serious game and will be involved in co-creating eZoon from the start. Some of them are member of a reference group that is consulted on a regular basis.  

Some of the key competences for risk- and crisis-communication, that should be trained via the game, are known from literature (e.g., CDC). However, these must be validated among some of the members of our reference group. The aim is to incorporate competences that are not only theoretically important, but also practically relevant.

The theoretical foundation for the development and implementation of eZoon rests solidly in the CeHRes-Roadmap that integrates concepts from human-centered and persuasive eHealth design and business modeling.


For this assignment you will test and validate a theory-based competencies matrix for risk- and crisis-communication among various healthcare professionals. You will assess the value of the Matrix for practice (training etc.)

You will perform semi-structured in-depth interviews or focus groups with one or more veterinarians, public health physicians, medical-microbiologists, physicians, policy makers.

You will translate their ideas and suggestions in a implementable and measureable competency matrix that will be used for the development of the eZoon e-learning game.

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Fluency in Dutch required as the interviews are in Dutch.



Annemarie Braakman-Jansen, Nienke Beerlage-de Jong