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Master’s assignment

Title: Resonance House Publishing creates Digging Deep, a game for teens facing serious health challenges

Type of assignment: MA../../DigDeepTeam/01%20MarComms/Branding/Logos/DiggingDeep%20Logo%20Orange%20White.jpg

Internal or external?: AMSTERDAM (potential travel), Dutch Gerelateerde afbeelding

Language preferred.

Maximum number of students: 1 or 2 students

Individual collecting of data? Interviews, focus groups

Type of research: literature review/interviews/quantitative and qualitative

Description of the assignor

Resonance House LLC, a subsidiary of Silicon Valley Community Foundation, is a non-profit organization focused on supporting the emotional needs of young people going through significant health challenges. Our website and blog support Health Professionals and the families with valuable resources and information. Our book ‘Digging Deep’ is a journaling book to give children and teens a place where they can process what they are going through and give them emotional strength and resilience. (

Resonance House has enlisted the Little Chicken Game Company, experts in the field of e-learning and gamification ( We are in the process of hiring a User Research company for the playtesting.

Description of the assignment

Resonance House and Little Chicken are currently designing and developing a game in which teens with serious health issues can play through narrative therapy to give them strength and resilience.

The game is based on the journaling book “Digging Deep”. In our game, teens will write to play and play to heal in a world of Alice in Wonderland meets Urban Street Art. The game is about self-exploration, artistic expression, gaining insight, building camaraderie. Playing the game is about putting yourself out there, just being real - and being accepted because of it.

From January through July, we will develop the game and run various playtests. They are also setting up a Player Sounding Board to let teens participate throughout the process and give their input. We work with international partners such as the Starlight Foundation and Ronald McDonald House.

We will also be working with industry partners in gaming, ICT and health.

For this project, we are looking for a student, or a team of 2, to help us answer:

qHow can we measure the impact of playing the game on teens (including behavioral change)?

qWhat kind of measurement tools (in game, studies, etc.) are best suited?

And to then, under the supervision of our overall gaming experience coordinator, design, set up and conduct an impact study with focus groups (teens) and to measure the (positive) impact of the game on the players.

The exact assignment will be designed and formulated together with Resonance House, the supervisor UT and student.

Who are we looking for?

You are an enthusiastic master student in positive/ health psychology, behavioral science or related field, that has an interest and affinity with ehealth, and ideally at least an interest in gaming. Affinity with the use of technologies in teens with chronic illnesses a plus. You like researching the newest and best in this area, and working on a project that has real-life application and value. We expect you to also work with our team to conduct the study that you create, so it is applied research.

You want to work in an international team that is hands-on and needs your input.

We offer interesting work, that you can sink your teeth into, at the forefront of gaming for health in an international team with high visibility. You will have an equal voice in our project and will not be making copies or coffee (except for yourself).

More information: Rosemary Lokhorst, Resonance House Publishing, LLC at

Supervisor: will be determined

External superviror: Kevyn Eva Norton (Program Management User Experience)