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TiH & UT:

Implementation of computerized adaptive testing in health care and health research

Type of assignment: MA

Internal or external?: Collaboration: Transparency in Health Care, Hengelo and UT

Maximum number of students 2

Individual collecting of data? Yes

Type of research: qualitative

Description of the assignment:

You can combine this topic with a Master internship but it is also possible to choose this subject exclusively for your Master thesis.

Patient reported outcome measures (PROs) are instruments used to assess patients’ own perspective on their health condition. PROs play an increasingly central role in the appraisal of outcomes of medical and psychological treatments, as well as in reimbursement decisions regarding such treatments. Most PROs in current use are multi-item, fixed length questionnaires. However computerized adaptive testing (CAT) is an advanced, alternative approach that allows the quality and efficiency of the assessment to be optimized by selecting items that best match a patient’s (estimated) level of the measured trait. Despite these important advantages, uptake of CAT in practical measurement settings that might benefit from this new technology has been limited in health outcomes research.

We wish to develop an understanding of the attitudes and perceived barriers towards adoption of CAT amongst potential users of the technology, such as patients, clinical researchers and healthcare providers and payers. You can contribute to this project by systematically eliciting potential users’ perspective using qualitative research methodology. You can use our national and international network to contact and interview relevant stakeholders, you will summarize your findings and present ideas for further steps in this process. You will join the collaboration of Transparency in Healthcare in Hengelo ( and the Department of Psychology, Health and Technology at the University of Twente (; ). We are an enthusiastic team of people who are dedicated to improving the care for people with chronic diseases by focusing on empowerment of patients and outcomes that are important for patients themselves.

More information?:; 053-4896044

Supervisor: Christina Bode (UT) and Martijn Oude Voshaar (TiH)