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Title: MindDistrict: Which textual characteristics of eHealth therapies are related to appreciation of the content?


Type of assignment: MA

Internal or external?:                    Internal/external: location……………………………………………..

Maximum number of students:     1

Individual collecting of data?        No

Type of research: quantitative

Description of the assignment:

Minddistrict offers a catalogue of more than 200 eHealth modules – predominantly focused on the mental health care sector. Most of these modules are intended for use in blended treatment, which means that face-to-face sessions are combined with eHealth.

Each module consists of several sessions, which may or may not correspond with therapeutic sessions. Besides modules, the Minddistrict eHealth platform offers various ways to empower people to master their own wellbeing, such as: diaries, plans, video calling and secure messaging.


 Minddistrict gathers feedback after each session on the appreciation of self-rated effect of the session. One of the reasons for this is that we can see which content is appreciated most and what the features of this content are. Is, for instance, length of the text related to appreciation? Or is it the use of multimedia?


In this project, you will study these features on the appreciation of content. A background or strong interest in text-mining and machine-learning is preferable for this assignment, because you will scrape all our content to extract its characteristics.



Who are we looking for?

Masters student with Mastery of the Dutch language. You have a strong interest in quantitative methods; and a strong interest in machine learning and/or text-mining. Preferably, you will be present at the Minddistrict office in Amsterdam at least 50% of the time.

More information?: Rick Prins (