Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie

Meander Medical Center: Co-creation in a medical setting - evaluation and participatory redesign of an existing patient portal.


Type opdracht:                             Ba / Ma

In –of extern?:                              Extern: standplaats Amersfoort

Meerdere studenten mogelijk?     Nee

Zelf data verzamelen?                 Ja

Type onderzoek:                          Kwalitatief en kwantitatief


Meander Medical Center, Hospital Gelderse Vallei and the Ommelander Hospital Group share a common software platform (patient portal) to deliver e-health services to their patients. However, the majority of functionality available within the platform has been designed without involvement of the end users: the patients of the hospitals. Furthermore, we do not know how, and if, our software platform influences important measures like patient satisfaction, patient empowerment and health perception, but there definitely is room for improvement.

Consequently, we aim to develop and implement an improved version of the common platform (patient portal) to better serve our patients, which should result in higher adoption, patient satisfaction and empowerment. In this assignment you will redesign this patient portal using evidence based methods. First of all, the current portal will be evaluated (qualitatively and/or quantitatively, depending on your own skills and preferences). The results of this evaluation will be used in the redesign process. Furthermore, you will conduct a part of the participatory development process of this new portal. You will conduct interviews and/or focus groups with patients to find out about their experiences, needs and wishes concerning the new platform. Also, again depending on your wishes and the timeframe, prototypes of the new platform can be developed and tested with patients and other key-stakeholders.  


Profile of the candidate:

You are motivated by working in a hospital, cooperating closely with professionals of different backgrounds (various IT specialist, Communications, management) and patients. This will require good communication and planning skills. You are able to apply your scientific skills in this dynamic environment on a software platform which is in constant development and to translate academic knowledge into real life solutions. You are persistent and you work autonomously.

You are fluent in Dutch, both oral and written. You are willing to travel to the participating hospitals in Amersfoort (1-3x every week) and Ede/Winschoten (1-3x every month)

We offer:

Your research will have a real impact on patients. You will gain useful work experience in e-health applications. Compensation will be according to the regulations for interns of the CAO Ziekenhuizen, including compensation for travel expenses.

Additional information: through W. van Suylekom, M.Sc. (


To be determined