Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie

Search for available eHealth options for (spinal) surgery patients

Type of assignment:                    BA

Internal or external?:                  Internal

Maximum number of students:     4

Type of research:            Systematic review of literature databases, app stores and Google

Low back pain is a common problem in Western societies. For certain types of low back pain, surgery is a possible solution. To prepare these patients for surgery and to support them in times of pain during recovery after surgery, Saxion, OCON (Orthopedisch Centrum Oost Nederland, part of ZGT) and University of Twente are developing an eHealth intervention. This intervention contains elements of positive psychology and mindfulness.

For this ongoing research project, we would like to know which eHealth options are already available for (spinal) surgery patients. Therefore, a systematic search of scientific literature, app stores and Google needs to be performed. Specific inclusion and exclusions criteria for found articles, apps and information from Google will be discussed with the students at the start of the BSc thesis.

Possible research questions:

-        Which eHealth interventions are available for (spinal) surgery patients, helping them prepare for surgery and/or supporting them during recovery?

-        What previous scientific research has been done on eHealth interventions for (spinal) surgery patients?

-        Which examples of eHealth interventions for (spinal) surgery patients can be found in scientific literature?

-        Which examples of eHealth interventions for (spinal) surgery patients can be found on the internet / via Google?

Who are we looking for? Students who own a smartphone and/or tablet with access to the Apple app store and/or Android app store.

Supervisors: Annemieke van der Horst, MSc. & Dr. Saskia Kelders