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Card sort to stay current; updating information structure of German website about Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)

Type of assignment:                    BA

Internal or external?:                    Internal

Maximum number of students:     2

Individual collecting of data?        Yes

Type of research:                         qualitative  

Description of the assignment:

We are seeing it on the news more frequently: the extensive use of antibiotics in livestock farming, general practitioners raising the alarm regarding the increasing number of patients with multiresistant bacteria and the resistant bacteria in and on our food.


These infections are a serious and growing threat to both patient safety and public health. In a report by the UN it is estimated that more than 700.000 people die each year due to drug-resistant infections. There are various ways how resistant bacteria can be transferred, e.g. going to a healthcare facility, having contact with someone who already carries a resistant bacteria or having contact with animals, and eating contaminated food.


Antibiotic resistance is not a simple problem with one simple solution. Therefore, we need to combine forces and involve both experts (e.g. from veterinary-, public- and human health) and the general public in order to solve the problem. Yet, to be able to participate, experts and the public require knowledge about MRSA, but previous research indicated that people know little about MRSA. Hence, the development of in 2008. This website is widely used, but is no longer up-to-date in terms of content and technology.


A first step towards an updated MRSA-net is to evaluate whether the existing information structure still fits the needs of its current users. This can be done with an open online card sort that you will conduct among people from the general public and professionals. In an open card sort, participants receive cards with information about a particular topic (in this case MRSA) and they are asked to 1) sort these cards into groups that make sense to them and 2) label the created groups. Based on this information, you will perform a content analysis of the groups and labels. 

Who are we looking for?:

We are looking for motivated students who have an affinity with eHealth and who want to learn more about how to update an information structure of a website. Because this research concerns a German website ( is a German website, it is important that you are German or that you master the German language well enough to conduct this research. 

What are we offering?:

You are participating in a highly relevant and up to date topic.  

More information?:

Please contact Nienke Beerlage for more information, 053 489 3517;


Nadine Köhle