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How persuasive do you think it is?

Type of assignment:                    BA

Internal or external?:                    Internal

Maximum number of students:    2

Individual collecting of data?       Yes

Type of research:                          Qualitative 

Description of the assignment:

Many eHealth technologies exist, aiming at both patients and healthcare professionals. However, many of them are not achieving their goals. They don’t fit the existing work processes or way of thinking of their target groups. Much research has been performed to determine which elements of an eHealth technology determine its success. One of the possibly important factors is the persuasiveness of the technology: does the technology itself motivate and stimulate its use? And do users of the technology actually experience this motivation?


A tool that has been developed to evaluate the latter, is the Perceived Persuasiveness Questionnaire (PPQ). This questionnaire measures a number of categories through various questions: ‘Primary Task Support’, ‘Dialogue Support’, ‘Perceived Credibility’, ‘Design Aesthetics’, ‘Perceived Persuasiveness’, ‘Unobtrusiveness’, ‘Intention to Continue Using the System’ and ‘Usage’. However, the PPQ has not been validated yet. So, to be able to optimally make use of the questionnaire, we are currently working towards its validation. One of the steps in the validation is to see whether the individual questions fit the categories that they are divided in. Aim of this assignment is to validate whether the PPQ questions can actually be used to measure the PPQ constructs.


In this study, you will validate PPQ constructs by performing a closed card sort study among 20-30 German students. Originally, card sorting is a method aimed at evaluating or developing a system’s  information structure. In this method, participants are asked to sort cards with excerpts of the system’s content on it, into (for them) meaningful groups. Furthermore, you will evaluate the Run Keeper app using the PPQ.  

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for motivated students who have affinity with eHealth and who want to learn more about the validation of questionnaires. Because this study will be conducted among German students, it is important that you are German or that you speak German fluently.

What are we offering?:

You are participating in a highly relevant and up to date topic.  

More information?:

Please contact Nienke Beerlage for more information, 053 489 3517;


Nadine Köhle


Lehto, T., Oinas-Kukkonen, H. & Drozd, F. (2012). Factors affecting perceived persuasiveness of a behavior change support system. Thirty Third International Conference on Information Systems, Orlando, 2012.

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