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Title: Smokefree Campus - compliance with and impact of the UT campus smoking ban on staff and students

Type of assignment:                    BA

Internal or external?:                   External (UT – HR)

Maximum number of students: 2  

Individual collecting of data?     yes  

Type of research:                         survey (longitudinal); quantitative  

Description of the assignment:

In 2020 (March 30), a full smoking ban was implemented on the UT campus. To monitor the compliance with this ban, and the impact on smoking behavior of campus residents, a baseline survey was taken among students and staff in 2019. In the current project, we will repeat this survey among the same sample (and additionally recruit new participants), to evaluate changes in smoking behavior, support for the smoking ban, compliance with the ban, use of smoking cessation facilities, etc.

An additional survey will target the freshmen students, that started in September 2020. Similarly, we will measure the current smoking prevalence, their level of awareness with the smoking ban, willingness to comply with the ban when returning to the campus, and more related variables.

This study is commissioned by the Human Resource department of the UT. Outcomes will be used to shape the UT policy on this topic in the summer of 2021

Who are we looking for? For all students with an interest in this topic

What are we offering? Opportunity to be involved in UT health promotion policy, including participation in the Smokefree Campus Task Force of the UT.

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