Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie

Title: Gridt: Evaluating and Optimizing the Gridt Network app



BSc assignment


How many students: Max 2

Own data collection: YES 

Type of research: Qualitative empirical



The Gridt Network is a non-profit organization that aims to develop an open online social network

and its associated smartphone applications that inspire social behavior and self-development. People on the Gridt are connected based on a common objective, in the form of a well-defined action that they would like to undertake, as e.g. flossing or running 3 times a week. Based on the action of choice, the user is connected to four others who seek to be motivated for the same action. These connections may be established randomly, or by choice of the user. The essential feature of the Gridt is that the connections between users are not mutual: a user can connect to four people, but they in turn may have chosen other people to follow. The main purpose of the connection between users is to pass on information on the status of their self-imposed task, i.e.: to inform others when a user changes the status of his or her task from ’pending’ to ’completed’, accompanied with an optional message.


In this assignment, you work with the Gridt Network to evaluate and further develop the Gridt Network App (see figure). Your focus can be on e.g. how the design of the app can induce engagement, or on aspects of the network (e.g. the different roles that the user can take in leading or following and completing). The methods that you will use will depend on the chosen research goals but can include interviews, focus groups, usability testing and co-creation.




Who are we looking for?

Students who are interested in exploring new ways of delivering eHealth interventions and who would like to participate in ongoing research of our department.


What do we offer?

Working with innovate technology within an inspiring environment. You have the chance to make real impact with your research project.