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The experiences and suggestions of chronically ill patients regarding a strength based approach intervention

Additional information:
Bachelor Thesis
Applicable to 1 student
Own data collection
Qualitative study

Assignment description:
In 2010, in the Netherlands, 4.5 million people had at least one chronic disease that negatively influences the patient’s functioning in as well physical, psychological as social domains. An important part of chronic illness care is self-management. Self-management can lead to an increase in the autonomy of the patient, which can improve the degree of exercising, symptom management, self-reported health and employment functioning. However, additional support seems to be needed in the adaptation to a life with a chronic illness and coping with the related emotions. The strength-based approach could be a contribution to this, where the patient could be supported to discover his strengths and to focus on his individual goals, possibilities and resources instead of focusing on his deficits and limitations.

In light of this, we are developing a strength based approach intervention with the aim to get this implemented in the general practitioner’s practice. GP’s and (mental health) nurses play an important role in the execution of this intervention, but first of all we need to know what the experiences and suggestions of actual patients are concerning such an intervention. We already started with developing worksheets for the intervention and we like to know how the patients appreciate these. In this assignment you are going to do a cognitive walkthrough (usability testing) with chronically ill patients to examine how they experience the use of the worksheets and if they have any suggestions for improvement.

Who are we looking for:
A motivated student who has affinity with chronically ill patients and who wants to make a contribution to the development of the strength based approach intervention for these patients.

A good proficiency in Dutch is needed to perform the study with the Dutch patients.

Nienke Peeters, Department Health Psychology and Technology,