Invited addresses in an international context, since 2000

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-Decentralization in Education. (Descentralización y Direccion Eficaces del Centro Educativo). Mar del Plato, Argentina (December, 2002).


-Looking for the silver bullet in educational effectiveness. Invited address Faculdad de Psicologia e de Ciencias Educacao da Universidade de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, April 12, 2002.

-Explaining “what works” in education. The search for improvement strategies. Presentation for the German Scientific Foundation (GSF) – priority program “Bildungsqualität von Schulen”, Erfurt, Germany, April 19, 2002.

-Reforming education to assure the future: an international view. Discussant at the OECD seminar on education, Madrid, Spain, May 6-7, 2002.

-School effectiveness research, school improvement, and systemic education reform / En quête de la solution parfaite: des recherches sur l’efficacité de l’école, l’amélioration de l’école et la réforme systémique de l’éducation. Invited presidential address CSSE, Toronto, Canada, May 26, 2002.

-Contribution to the presentation of the results of the study on school panel inspections in Jamaica, June 7, 2002.

-Integrated Models of Educational Effectiveness. First Seminar on Management and School Effectiveness (Primer Seminario Internacional sobre Gestión y Eficacia Escolar), Bogota, July 18-20, 2002.

-To what extent can school surveys open the black box of schooling? Invited presidential address UNESCO Institute for Statistics, Montreal, Canada, October 2, 2002.

-Invited course on “Systemic educational evaluation”, University of St. Andres, Buenos Aires, November 8-15, 2002.

-Organizational and political constraints of educational evaluation, IIEP, Buenos Aires, November 14, 2002.

-Indicators on teachers and teaching: Substantive categories and alternatives methods. Presentation at the Symposium For Assessing Policy Lessons from PISA, Berlin, Germany, November 18-20, 2002.


-The formative implications of standards. Presentation at the Federal Government Conference on Educational Standards, Bad Boll, Germany, December 15-16, 2003.

-The robust beauty of the rational planning model. European Cultural and Educational Forum, Brugge, Belgium, December 18, 2003.


-The meaning of school effectiveness. Presentation at the 2004 Summer School organized by ASA publishers on: Melhorar os Processos e os Resultados Escolares. Oporto, Portugal, July 2004.

-Critical issues in school effectiveness research. The Jacobs Foundation Conference, Zürich, October 21-23, 2004.

-External school evaluation as a system level lever for school improvement. Trento, November 15, 2004.

-The subsidiarity principle in controlling educational systems. Bologna, November 18, 2004.

-Measuring the school culture, Turin, December 3, 2004.

-The application of education indicators. Universita Roma 3, Rome, December 18, 2004.


-Coverage of the analytical framework of the World Education Indicators Survey of Primary Schools. Santiago, January 16-17, 2005.

-La restituztione dell’ inventario della cultura della scuola. Seminario del Projetto Internazionale Valint, February 1, 2005, Torino, Italy.

-School Evaluation and School Improvement. Invited presentation for the conference on Cambiare la scuola; le prospettive di realizazione, February 28 – March 1, 2005, Università di Roma – La Sapienza, Facoltà di Psicologia, Roma.

-La valutazione della Scuola; concetti basici. Semenario sulla Qualita delle Scuole in Umbria, Minsterio Regionale d’instruzione publica in Umbria. May, 18, 2005, Perugia.

-Quality care and school self-evaluation. Presentation at Seminario Regionale "La qualità e la scuola umbra: itinerari possibili" of M.I.U.R. - Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per l’Umbria, May 18, 2005, Perugia, Italy.

-Measuring the School Culture and Leadership within the Context of School Self-Evaluation. Presentation at the AVIMES/VALINT workshop in Rumania, June 1-5, 2005.

-Defining and Measuring the Quality of Education. Presentation Il Reunión del Foro Hemisférico Educativo, Brasilia, June 14, 2005.

-The School Effectiveness Research Program. State of the art, recent results, directions for future research. Presentation at IPN, August 17, 2005, Kiel, Germany.

-The Use of International Comparative Assessment Studies to Answer Questions about Educational Productivity and Effectiveness. Conference of the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, September 1-3, 2005, Potsdam, Germany.

-System Level Levers for Educational Reform and School Improvement; The Pillars of Educational Governance. Presentation at the AVIMES/VALINT seminar, November 17, 2005, Torino, Italy.


-Strong and weak schools; evidence from school effectiveness research. Paper presented at the conference of the Bertelsmann Foundation, January 12-14, 2006, Gütersloh, Germany.

-Positioning and validating the supervision framework. Presentation for the Dutch Inspectorate, Utrecht, January 27, 2006.

-The Use of International Comparative Assessment Studies to Answer Questions about Educational Productivity and Effectiveness. Presentation for Conference of the Centre for Lifelong Learning (CRELL) of the EU on Methodological Tools for Accountability Systems in Education. Ispra, Italy, February 6-8, 2006.

-Beyond linearity in educational research. Presentation at INVALSI, February 17-19, 2006, Frascati, Italy.

-Costruire un progetto di autovalutazione: concetti chiave. Presentation March 14-16, 2006, Perugia, Italy.

-Basic issues of evaluation methodology. Presentation May 25, 2006, Perugia, Italy.

-Die deutsche Berichterstattung aus internationaler Perspective. Fachtagung: “Bildung in Deutschland – Ein indikatorengestützter Bericht mit einer Analyse zu Bildung und Migration”. July 4, Berlin.

-Enhancement of the Teaching Profession to Improve the Quality of Education; A Conceptual Framework for Monitoring. Presentation July 5, Madrid)

-Creating a culture for school self-evaluation; theoretical and practical considerations. Paper presented at the Conference on “The Prospects and Possibilities for Creating Learning Societies in an Age of Uncertainty and Insecurity”, organized by the Hellenic American Educational Foundation, Athens, September 29 – October 1, 2006.

-Learning & Teaching. Presentation Perugia, September 14, 2006.

-PISA 2009. Core B: Thematic reports. Dublin, October 17, 2006.

-PISA 2009. Conceptual framework for the background questionnaires and thematic reports. Presentation PISA Governing Board, Dublin, October 16-18, 2006.

-Education as a complex adaptive system; Implications for studying educational effectiveness. INVALSI conference, Frascati, 13-15 December 2006.


-Accountability as an instrument for school improvement. Key note address for the International Congress on School Effectiveness and School Improvement (ICSEI). Portorož, Slovenia; January 5, 2007.

-Multi level conceptual framework of education; hierarchy and loose coupling. Guest lecture Deutsches Institut für Pädagogische Forschung (DIPF). Frankfurt, Germany, March 28, 2007.

-Effectiveness enhancing conditions at system level. Guest lecture Deutsches Institut für Pädagogische Forschung (DIPF). Frankfurt, Germany, May 24, 2007.

-Effective schools research. Guest lecture Deutsches Institut für Pädagogische Forschung (DIPF). Frankfurt, Germany, June 28, 2007.

-A Review and Meta-Analysis of Teaching Effectiveness Research. Guest lecture Deutsches Institut für Pädagogische Forschung (DIPF). Frankfurt, Germany, September 26, 2007.

-The effectiveness of Educational Leadership. EU Conference on “Is Educational Leadership Measurable”. Madrid 27 -28 September, 2007.

-Policy oriented educational evaluation Lecture concerning the introduction of a System for Quality Assessment and Assurance in Slovenia. Portorož, Slovenia, October 24-26, 2007.

-A Multi Level Conceptual Framework of Education; Hierarchy and Loose Coupling. Lecture concerning the introduction of a System for Quality Assessment and Assurance in Slovenia. Portorož, Slovenia, October 24-26, 2007.

-Educational Effectiveness and Educational Indicators. Lecture concerning the introduction of a System for Quality Assessment and Assurance in Slovenia. Portorož, Slovenia, October 24-26, 2007.

-School self-evaluation and certification: Differences and similarities. Lecture for the Regional Office of Education, Umbria, Trieste, Italy, October28-29, 2007.


-Governance and human resources management. Poitiers, Frankrijk, Presentation at the conference "Governance and performance of schools in Europe", November 6, 2008.

-School leadership effects. Malta, Presentation at the conference on School Management, November 12, 2008.


-Capire le differenze interregionali dui dati "PISA". Udine, Italy, Presentation for the Regional Office of the Italian Ministry of Education in Friuly, February 20, 2009.

-Decentralization and school governance: expectations and international evidence. Turin, Presentation at the conference ‘Autonomia scolastica e autonomie regionali e locali: problemi e prospettive’. Organizer: Associazione Nazionale dirigenti e alte Professionalità della scuola. May 18, 2009.

-Professional development of teachers in EU countries. Brussels, Presentation of the TALIS report at the Expert Group Meeting. September 10, 2009.

-Quantitative analyses of international data, exploring indirect effect models of school leadership. Rome, Presentation final report LISA-project, September 25, 2009.

-Fuzzy expectations and unmet aspirations: the case of the background questionnaires in large scale international assessment studies. Stockholm, Key Note Address at the EU Conference "Improving Education", November 30, 2009.

-Professional development of teachers in EU countries. Stockholm, Presentation at EU Conference "Improving Education", December 1, 2009


-Indicators on Equity from an International Perspective. Key Note address for the EU Conference on Inequality Measurement and the Progress of Society, 22nd 23rd April, 2010, Malta.

-Het innoverend vermogen van de onderwijssector en de rol van de ondersteuningsstructuur. Key note speech, Vlaams Forum voor Onderwijsonderzoek. Brussel, Vrije Universiteit, December 10, 2010.

-Instructional effectiveness and the development of a pre-licensing teacher examination. Presentation at the Inter American Development Bank , Seminario Exame Nacional de Ingresso na Carreira Docente. Os aspectos pedagogicos. 9 e 10 de Novembro 2010, Brasilia.

-Professional development of teachers in EU countries. Presentation at EU-USA Policy Forum, Directorate General for Education and Culture, European Commission, Brussels, October 9, 2010.

-General or (Math) Specific Educational Effectiveness PON-M@t.abel seminario: Math for the new millennium learners Cosenza, Italy 11-13 October, 2010.

-Perspectives on Educational Quality; with illustrative outcomes on Dutch primary and secondary education. Ministry of Education. The Hague, 7 December, 2010


-Commentary on State of the Art Reviews Educational Effectiveness. Plenary presentation ICSEI Conference Cyprus, 5-8 January, 2011

-School Leadership Effects Revisited. Presentation for the Knowledge Directorate, Ministry of Education, The Hague, 13 March, 2011

-“Over goed presteren en succesvol innoveren in het onderwijs” (Strong achievement and successful reform) Presentation Ministry of Education, Directorate for Secondary Education. The Hague, 17 March, 2011

-School Leadership Effects Revisited. Presentation for the Regional Office of Education, Turin, Italy, 28 March, 2011

-“Over toegevoegde waarde” (About added value). Drie Lezingen voor EXPERTIS, Hengelo, 7 april, 2011

-Educational Indicators, an application about the Dutch Education System. Invited presentation at the University of Rome (Roma 3), Rome, Italy, 9 April, 2011

-The Effects of School Self Evaluation. Key note address at the conference organized by the Catholic University of Lisbon, on School Self Evaluation, 9 May, 2011

-Mechanisms for Improvement in Education. Key note presentation Seminario: Dalla Scuola al Lavora. Lamezia Terme, 8 Giugnio, 2011

-Assessment for School Effectiveness. Key note address at the annual conference of AEA- Europe (Association for Educational Assessment) Belfast, 10 November, 2011


-Meta-analysis of School Leadership Effects. ICSEI conference Malmo, 6 January, 2012

-Plenary Address ICSEI Conference Malmo, concerning the State of the Art of Educational Effectiveness Research. Malmo, 7 January, 2012

-Rapporto tra valutazione esterna e valutazione interna della scuola. Presentation at the 56th national meeting of the Associazione Nazionale Dirigenti Scolastici (ANDIS). Bologna, 23-24 March, 2012

-Rapporto fra Valutazione Esterna e Valutazione Interna della Scuola (The relationship between external and internal school evaluation). Key note presentation at the ANDIS seminar, Bologna, 23 March, 2012

-Valutazione interna e esterna della scuola: l’esperienza olandese. (Internal and external school evaluation: the Dutch experience). Presentation for the FARO project. Palermo, 4 May, 2012

-Ricerca Quantitativa e ricerca Qualitativa. (Quantitative and Qualitative research). Invited speech, University Roma 3, Rome, 18 May, 2012

-Mixed Methods: an example of a school leadership effects study. Invited speech, University of Roma 3, Rome, 21 May, 2012

-Evaluation and planning of human resources at school. Invited speech for the seminar: “Evaluation et gouvernance educative en Europe”. Nice, 1 June, 2012

-Theories on educational effectiveness. Key note address at the seminar of the EARLI Special Interest Group on Educational Effectiveness: Zürich, 29 August, 2012


-Anatomie van Onderwijskwaliteit. Presentatie Symposium Om de kwaliteit van het onderwijs. Utrecht 23 Januari, 2013

-Het streven naar kwaliteit in scholen voor primair onderwijs (met Simone Doolaard). Presentatie BOPO studiedag. Den Haag, 5 maart, 2013-08-06

-Lo scenario politico della valutazione educativa e il ruolo dei metodi quantitativi e qualitativi. 3rd International Symposium on Educational Research: New Realism and Educational Research. Universita degli Studi Roma. Rome: 3, 7 and 8 June, 2013

-Small effect sizes in educational effectiveness research. Invited lecture at the University of Bristol, 19 June, 2013

-Educational effectiveness and school inspection. Invited lecture for the Institut für Qualitätsentwicklung an Schulen. Schleswig-Holstein (IQSH). Kiel: 28 August, 2013

-School Leadership Effects. Invited lecture for the Institut für Qualitätsentwicklung an Schulen. Schleswig-Holstein (IQSH). Kiel: 29 August, 2013

-„Evidence based onderwijsbeleid en –praktijk; retoriek en realisme“. Lunch lezing bij Oberon, Utrecht: 3 september, 2013

-Performance in education and economic benefits, the role of educational reseach. Presentation of the Cyprus Educational Research Association, Nicosia, 9 November, 2013

-Effective school improvement. Invited lecture at the University of Evora, Portugal, 25- 27 November, 2013

-School leadership in educational effectiveness research. Invited lecture at the University of Rome, Roma Tres. 7 December, 2013


-Teacher training and professional development in Europe; in search of effects on educational performance. Key-note address at the German rector’s Conference. Essen, January 20-23

-L’ educazione come systemo gerarchico a legami deboli. Invited lecture at the University Roma tres. March 7, 2014

-Teacher training and professional development in Europe; in search of effects on educational performance. Presentation at the Dutch Ministry of Education. Department for Teachers. March 31, 2014

-What operational path models tell us about educational effectiveness. Key-note address at the conference: “The international school inspection project. Modalities and mechanisms for effective schooling”. Gothenburg. June 4, 2014

-Path analysis in educational effectiveness research, methods and results. Key-note address International Conference on research methods in educational research. Universita Roma Tres, July, 4, 2014

-(With Prof. Dr. Sigrid Bloemeke, Umbuldt Universitaet Berlin) Path analysis models in educational effectiveness research, including teacher education effectiveness. Paper presentation at the EARLI SIG conference in Southampton 27-29 August, 2014

-The educational improvement potential of evaluation and accountability. Questions of effectiveness and efficiency. Invited key-note speech at the conference of the EARLI SIG on Accountability and Improvement. Bielefeld, 10-12 November, 2014