Handleidingen statistiek

Handleidingen statistiek

Moderator en Mediator Analyse met PROCESS

Om in SPSS een Moderator of Mediator analyse uit te voeren, waren er voorheen een heel aantal stappen nodig. Echter, met de PROCESS module gaat dat heel gemakkelijk en direct.

Deze macro kan gratis worden gedownload van de website van Andrew F. Hayes. Een korte instructie:

  1. Download the file process.spd from the website http://www.afhayes.com/spss-sas-and-mplus-macros-and-code.html
    And save it onto your computer.
  2. Make sure SPSS is closed. Click on the start menu and select ‘all programs’ which will display a list. There should be a folder called IBM SPSS Statistics. Open contents of that folder and with the RIGHT mouse button click on ’IBM SPSS Statistcs 20’. Now click on ‘Run as administrator’ (left mouse button again). A dialog box will ask whether SPSS may make changes on your computer. Select ‘Yes’.
  3. Once SPSS has loaded, select ‘Utilities, Custom Dialogs, Install Custom Dialog…’. Select the file process.spd and click on ‘open’. Now it will install.
  4. You can find PROCESS in the normal SPSS program via “Analyze, Regression, PROCESS’.

When using process, it is good to know that Model Number 1 represents the Moderation Analysis (thus also interaction) and Model Number 4 represents the Mediation analysis. When clicking on options, for Model Number 1 select the top 4 possibilities and for Model Number 4 the bottom 4 possibilities.

For adding a simple slopes analysis to Model number 1, click on ‘Conditioning’, select which point you want for the simple slopes and select the Johnson-Neyman Method.

Een hele goede handleiding voor het werk met PROCESS vind je hier: