foto Jan Jaap

Dr. Jan Jaap Wietsma (1961)

Teacher trainer NLT (Nature, Life and Technology)
Coördinator Beta steunpunt Oost (NLT, biology)
Faculty ITC
University of Twente
Ravelijn 4349
Mail: j.j.wietsma@utwente.nl
Tel: +31 53 4895629


Graduated in Medical Biology, 1988 at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Performed scientific research in neurophysiology of the visual system at Universiteit van Amsterdam, and received his PhD degree on the thesis: 'Induced Color Blindness' in 1994.

Current work

Regional professional development leader and teacher trainer for the topics NLT (Nature, Life, Technology) and biology at Pre-U / Beta Steunpunt Oost and ELAN at University of Twente.

Is involved in Leerlingenlab, the Pre-U outreach laboratory for high school students. Performs research on pedagogical content knowledge for multidisciplinary science topics. Is trainer for Getting Practical courses in The Netherlands.

Focus is on the production of course materials on frontier science topics and support of high school teachers and technicians in class. Lab on a chip is one of the major projects. Other themes are scientific modelling, water management, sustainability and energy-use. Leading teacher development teams is an important part of his work.

Is also Senior Teacher and at Greijdanus College Zwolle (for the topics NLT, biology and ANW). Is leader of professional development group at Greijdanus on brain awareness and education, and performed research on educational neuroscience.