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Adrie Visscher

Room: Ravelijn 5345
Phone: +31 53 489 3609


I am a full professor at the University of Twente and also hold an endowed chair in data-based decision making at the University of Groningen. I am interested in how teachers can be supported in optimising the quality of their lessons and their impact on student learning by providing them with feedback: feedback about the features of their teaching activities (e.g. based on student perceptions, or lesson observations), and feedback about their impact on student achievement. As this kind of feedback can be the starting point of improvement-oriented activities, my research also focuses on how teachers can be trained effectively for differentiating their teaching activities in line with students’ varying instructional needs.

Recent Research Projects

During the last ten years I in cooperation with colleagues have conducted various projects on Data-based decision making (DBDM). In total about 150 school teams were trained for one or two years for DBDM and in the meantime we studied the impact on teaching quality and student achievement.

At the moment  I am involved in the MATCH project ( in which a cognitive task analysis is conducted of instructional differentiation as a complex teaching skill based on the 4C/ID model. Based on the results a training trajectory for teachers is designed, implemented and evaluated.

I am participating in a EU-funded project called ’Promoting Formative Assessment: from theory to practice’ (FORMAS) in which in four European countries an intervention to promote formative assessment is implemented and evaluated by means of randomized controlled trials (2018-2020).

 Current PHD-projects


Laura Staman


Evaluation of a data-based decision making training trajectory


Marjan Faber


Evaluation of various manifestations of data-based decision making


Marjoleine Dobbelaer


Worldwide review of lesson observation instruments


Wilma Kippers


Formative evaluation, datateams & diagnostic testing


Christel Wolterinck


Cognitive task analysis of formative evaluation in secondary education


Anne Tappel


Sustainability of the datateam method


Pier Siersma


Design and evaluation of a digital tool for enhancing strategical knowledge in medical physics


Hannah Bijlsma


Effects of a digital tool for providing teachers with feedback on lesson quality


Myrte Maathuis


Cognitive task analysis of differentiation in secondary education

Recent publications

Faber, J. M., Luyten, H. & Visscher, A.J. (2017). The effects of a digital formative assessment tool on mathematics achievement and student motivation: results of a randomized experiment. Computers & Education, 106, 83 - 96.

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Visscher, A.J. (2017). Gericht ontwikkelen van leerkrachtkwaliteiten [Developing teacher qualities deliberately]. Inaugural lecture, University of Twente. Enschede: University of Twente.

Geel, M.J.M. van, Keuning, T. , Visscher, A. & Fox, Jean-Paul (2016). Assessing the Effects of a School-Wide Data-Based Decision-Making Intervention on Student Achievement Growth in Primary Schools. American Educational Research Journal, 53(2), 360 - 394.

Keuning, T. and Geel, M.J.M. van, Visscher, A., Fox, Jean-Paul & Moolenaar, Nienke M. (2016). The Transformation of Schools’ Social Networks During a Data-Based Decision Making Reform. Teachers College Record, 118(9), 1 - 33.

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Visscher, A.J. (2016). Over de zin van Opbrengstgericht(er) werken in het onderwijs [On the relevance of data-based decision-making in education]. Inaugural lecture. Groningen: University of Groningen

For a complete list of my publications, please click here 

Inaugural lectures

Inaugural lecture University of Groningen

Please click here for my inaugural lecture (in Dutch) on the Relevance of Data-based Decision-making in Education (University of Groningen) and click here for the presentation.

Inaugural lecture Universiteit of Twente

Click here for my inaugural lecture on Developing Teacher Qualities Deliberately (University of Twente) and click here for the presentation.