BMS - Vakgroep ELAN (NL)

Nellie C. Verhoef

Mathematics Teacher Education

ELAN,  Department of Teacher Development
University of Twente
Tel. (00 31) 053 - 4893958 (office); or (0031) 0572 - 393759 (home)
Mobile +31 (0)622980379


My experience ranges from teaching mathematics at high school level and pre- and in-service university teacher training to secondary as well as upper level high school teachers. Nowadays I am a mathematics educational researcher with the focus on students’ long-term mathematical thinking processes in the context of Lesson Study

I had my sabbatical leave in the last half year of 2009. In that time I was a member of the Department of Mathematics Education and worked with prof dr David Tall (mathematics educational researcher University of Warwick, UK).

I was a member of the Committee ‘Deltaplan Wiskunde.NL’ (2015), responsible for an implementation plan - based on the vision document Mathematics 2025 -  containing concrete actions for the mathematicians in higher education and research, and in society and innovation.

I wrote a practical guide for the implementation of Lesson Study in education with Siebrich de Vries and Sui Lin Goei (2016).

From 2009 I worked with Lesson Study teams to professionalize mathematics teachers.

From 2012 I worked with Lesson Study teams to professionalize both experienced as well as beginning teachers.

Since 2013 I joined the board of the VOR, division Domain-Specific Aspects of Education.

Since 2016 I was a member of the NWO-Committee ‘Teacher as Researcher’.

Interest areas

My main interest is in mathematics education with respect to students’ understanding in general.

My focus was on the development of sensible mathematics in the context of student learning.


I am responsible for the following courses:

  • Educational research for teachers (Onderzoek van Onderwijs)
  • Teaching practice supervision (Schoolstage supervisie)