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I am an associate professor in the Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences of the University of Twente. In 2007, I obtained my PhD on school self-evaluation. During my PhD I received a Fulbright scholarship to work at the Louisiana State University. Together with the Louisiana Department of Education (LDE) I conducted research into 'The utilization and impact of a school performance feedback system used in Louisiana' (2005/2006).

My research focuses on data-based decision making and formative assessment. How can we support schools in the effective use of data is one of my central questions. I am the initiator and project leader of the data team® procedure project. After a small scale pilot, the data team® procedure is currently being used by many schools in the Netherlands, England, and Sweden.

I have been involved in several studies regarding the use of data in different countries. One of these projects, for example, was an EU funded project into the use of data in the Netherlands, England, Germany, Lithuania and Poland.

I have been invited as a guest lecturer and keynote speaker at several conferences and universities, including AERA, the University of Pretoria in South Africa, and the University of Auckland in New Zealand. I am a board member of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI) and chair of the ICSEI data use network. I have published widely on the use of data and data teams.

For more information on some of my projects and ICSEI:


I obtained my official university teacher qualification (“Certificaat Basiskwalificatie Onderwijs”). I have taught several courses at bachelor, master, and PhD level. Some examples:

  • Traineeship teacher training colleges: module assessment
  • Tutor for bachelor and master graduation projects
  • Assessment, monitoring, and improving student and school performance (master EST)
  • Module data-based decision making Trending Topics (master EST)
  • Honours programma: module individual project
  • Teacher Educational Science 1 and 2 for ELAN
  • TOM module ‘learning in the classroom’.
  • Guest lectures, such as for teacher training college (MEBIT), Penta Nova, Saxion
  • Examiner for the University of Auckland



  • Ministry of education: Formative assessment and the diagnostic test (2015-2018)
  • NWO/NRO: Formative assessment (2013-2014)
  • Ministry of Education: Data teams in secondary education (2012-2016)
  • Several school boards and schools: Data teams in primary and secondary education (2011-2013)
  • EU Comenius project “Using data for improving school and student performance”, een project met Nederland, Engeland, Duisland, Polen en Litouwen (2010-2012)

PhD students

  • Johanna Ebbeler: data teams in secondary education
  • Mireille Hubers: data teams in secondary education
  • Inken Gast: evaluation of TOM
  • Wilma Kippers: Formative assessment and diagnostic testing in secondary education
  • Erik Bolhuis: data teams in higher education
  • Gert Gelderblom: data-based decision making and data teams in primary education
  • Christel Wolterinck: formative assessment in secondary education


  • Nominated for the EAPRIL (European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning in Education and Professional Practice) best research/practice award: (2015).
  • Best conference paper: The paper “De invloed van de zomervakantie op de leerprestaties van leerlingen” [The influence of summer vacation on student achievement results], which I wrote with colleague Hans Luyten was selected as best conference paper of the Dutch and Belgium Educational Research Days (ORD, 2008) for the division evaluation and methodology.
  • AERA Division H Early Career Mentoring Travel Stipend Award (2009)
  • The article “Vooruitgang in technisch lezen gedurende het schooljaar en de zomervakantie [Progress in technical reading during the school year and during summer vacation]” came in second in the contest for best article of the year in Pedagogische studiën 2009.
  • Fulbright scholar award 2005/2006:


Selection of keynotes

  • Schildkamp, K. (2015, September). Education data and practice: The data team procedure®. Keynote presented at the Skoleledermøte i Oslo (School leader conference), Oslo, Norway.
  • Schildkamp, K. (2015, February). Education data, policy, and practice. Keynote presented at OECD conference: Education governance: The role of data, Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Schildkamp, K. (2014, November). De datateam® method: de zoveelste trend in onderwijsland of toch meer? Keynote presented at the Onderzoek in en door de school conferentie, Enschede, The Nederlands.
  • Schildkamp, K. (2014, November). Data teams for school improvement: Hype or here to stay? Keynote presented at Skolans ledarkonvent, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Schildkamp, K. (2014, October). From intuition- to data-based decision making: the datateam® procedure. Keynote presented at II workshop Professores Investigadores, Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira.
  • Schildkamp, K. (2014, June). Innovative approaches to self-assessment. Keynote presented at the OECD longitudinal information systems workshop, New York, NY.

Selection of publications

  • Schildkamp, K., & Poortman, C.L. (2015). Factors influencing the functioning of data teams. Teachers College Record.
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