BMS - Vakgroep ELAN (NL)

Rilana Prenger, PhD.

Post-doc researcher

T: 053 489 5627
Visiting address: Ravelijn building, room 5436 

Since November 2014 I work as a post doc researcher at ELAN. I am involved in two different research projects.


The aim of the project ‘Datateams’ is to support teachers to effectively use data within their own schools. My research is about the effectiveness of the datateam procedure, mainly in primary education. I am especially interested in the psychological factors that are influencing data-based decision making by teachers to improve their instruction in the classroom. Additionally, my research concerns the sustainability of the datateam procedure.

Networked pLCs

The project ‘Networked professional learning communities’ aims to stimulate the collaboration of teachers between schools in professional learning communities (PLCs). The University of Twente is involved in the national research project that includes 23 networked PLCs with a duration of four years. The focus of the research is on the effects and influencing factors of these networked PLCs on teachers’ professional development.

Related publications

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