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In May 1997, I graduated a two years Science Teaching Course at Monduli Teacher Training College in Arusha, Tanzania. After that I worked as a secondary school teacher for 5 years. In 2002 I joined The University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) in Tanzania where I graduated (with Honours) my Bachelor of Education in Science in 2006. I then worked as Tutor at Klerruu Teachers College, responsible for preparing Science, Mathematics and ICT teachers. In 2007 I was employed at the University Of Dodoma (UDOM) as a Tutorial Assistant at the College of Education. I rejoined the UDSM in 2008 to pursue my Master in Education with Science degree (M.Ed. SC) where I graduated with flying colours in 2010. My topic was Potentials of portfolio as an Assessment and Learning tool in Undergraduate Science Teacher Education in Tanzania.

After my Master degree course, I was promoted to a post of Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, College of Education, at the University of Dodoma. My passion for more learning especially in science and education-related courses led me to join another Master degree course at the University of Twente, The Netherlands in 2013. In Master of Educational Science and Technology (M-EST) years at The University of Twente, which I graduated in 2014, I focused on teacher practices in Tanzania Secondary schools. My topic was Data-Based Decision Making in Improving Education: An Assessment of Data Use by Secondary Schools Teachers in Dodoma Region, Tanzania. I also had the opportunity to participate in the UT Research Honours Programme conducted by the University of Twente Graduate School in 2013/2014.

Current Working Station:

Department of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education- School of Curriculum and Teacher Education, College of Education, at the University of Dodoma, Tanzania.

Research project

‘Integrated Science with literacy practices in Tanzania’.

My current work as an Assistant Lecturer responsible for Science education development in Tanzania has led me to explore more about Science teacher practices in schools, as well as science education trends in my country and elsewhere in the world. I am interested in Literacy practices and Language of Instruction in science teaching and learning in Tanzanian schools. This is because in Tanzania, Kiswahili which is the National language and the first language for most Tanzanians is used in pre-primary and primary school years. After that, English is used as a Language of Instruction from secondary school years, onward. This is a challenge for both teachers and learners especially in science and mathematics education. I am planning to explore more about this topic in my current PhD course.