BMS - Vakgroep ELAN (NL)

Susan McKenney

Room: Ravelijn 5442
Phone: +31 53 489 2890


I am especially interested in exploring and supporting the interplay between curriculum development and teacher professional development. This includes the supportive role of technology in curriculum and teacher development, as well as particular attention for these issues in the fields of science education, citizenship development, and early childhood literacy. I am also committed to exploring how educational research can serve the development of scientific understanding while also developing solutions to real problems in educational practice. Since educational design research lends itself to these dual aims, I work on developing and explicating ways to conduct design research. Much of my work has been carried out in collaboration with organizations in developing countries, but I also enjoy research and consultancy in the Netherlands, the USA and Europe.

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Bachelor program

  • Sociology, pedagogy and andragogy
  • Technology for educational design: Complex systems
  • Educational design methodology
  • Psychology of Learning and Instruction
  • Design Studio

(Pre-)Master program

  • Educational design methods
  • Introduction to the science of education and technology
  • Computer supported curriculum development
  • Curriculum, teacher and school development
  • Curriculum, instruction and media applications design
  • Design for learning in schools and organizations
  • Curriculum development, innovation and implementation

Inter-university research school ICO

  • Educational design research
  • Curriculum design


  • Critical dialogue: Citizenship development through respectful argumentation in primary school (NRO)
  • Citizenship in MBO: Citizenship development in vocational education innovation: Supporting teacher design teams (NWO)
  • Design Dimensions: Understanding and improving curriculum materials design practices for effective large scale implementation in science (NSF)


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Books and special issues

McKenney, S. & Reeves, T. (2012). Conducting Educational Design Research. London: Routledge.

Special issues

  • Könings, K. & McKenney, S. (Eds.) (2017). Participatory design of (built) learning environments. Special issue: European Journal of Education.
  • Kopcha, T. J., Schmidt, M. & McKenney, S. (Eds.) (2015). Educational Design Research. Special issue: Australasian Journal of Educational Technology.
  • Kali, Y., McKenney, S. & Sagy, O. (Eds.) (2015). Special issue. Teachers as Designers of Technology-Enhanced Learning. Instructional Science. 
  • Voogt, J., McKenney, S., Fisser, P. & van Braak, J. (Eds.) (2012). Special Issue on Research-Practice Interactions in Education. Pedagogische Studiën, 89(6).

Journal articles