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Niels van Leuteren, MSc.

Ravelijn 5436
T: 053 - 489 6673


Niels van Leuteren (Linkedin) graduated (cum laude) with a degree in educational psychology (2014) at the University of Twente. His thesis focused on the discovery of interacting variables in an inquiry-learning task and tested the effectiveness of analogies in discovering these effects.

Niels also graduated with a bachelor degree in education at the PABO Edith Stein (2009). After his graduation he worked for three years as a teacher in primary education and several months as a teacher in secondary education.

Niels currently works as a junior researcher at the University of Twente. One of his research projects focuses on investigating and developing tools for the acquisition of 21st-century-skills in primary education. His main focus is on the development of a tracking system for talent development. The other research project is about the early exclusion of (science) professions due to stereotypical professional images and the attitude of children, parents and teachers towards science.