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Marjoleine Dobbelaer, MSc.

Ravelijn 4339
T: 053 - 489 6553


Marjoleine Dobbelaer is a doctoral candidate at the University of Twente at an academic workplace, a collaboration between the Dutch Inspectorate of Education and the University of Twente. Her current research focuses on teacher professional development and evaluation by means of classroom observation. She is conducting an international review of classroom observation systems. Marjoleine graduated in Educational science in 2011 on the subject “Feedback by inspectors of the Dutch Inspectorate to teachers in primary education” and worked as a researcher at the Dutch Inspectorate of Edcucation with a focus on professional development of teachers. In 2009, Marjoleine graduated from a teacher training academy (PABO) as a teacher for primary education.


Dobbelaer, M. J., Prins, F. J., & van Dongen, D. (2012). The impact of Feedback Training for Inspectors. European Journal of Training and Development, 37(1), 86-104.

Dobbelaer, M. J., Godfrey, D., & Franssen, H. M. B. (2017). Feedback by Dutch Inspectors to Schools. In J. Baxter (ed.), School Inspectors (pp. 97-119). Springer International Publishing.