BMS - Vakgroep ELAN (NL)


dr. Fer Coenders

Chemistry Teacher Education

ELAN, Department for Teacher Development
University of Twente
tel. (0031) 053-4893081 (office); or (0031) 0316-228920 (home)
office: Carré 4011

My experience ranges from teaching chemistry at high school level, construction of national high school exams, pre- and in-service university teacher education, to the production of learning materials both for students as for teachers.

My high school teaching experience comprises of 13 years of teaching in three schools in the Netherlands, two years at the Escola Secundária Francisco Manyanga in Maputo, and a short period at Lozitha High School in Swaziland.

I was a member of the chemistry national exams construction committee in the Netherlands, and also in Mozambique during the two years of my stay there.

At the University of Swaziland I was employed as chemistry educator in the Department of In-service of the Faculty of Education.

My main responsibilities at the University of Twente in the department of teacher education (ELAN) are in the field of pre- and in-service of chemistry teachers and educational research. In in-service I have worked for about ten years in Teacher Development Teams (TDT, DOT). From 2013 I also worked with Lesson Study teams to professionalize both experienced as well as beginning teachers.

Since 2013 I chair the subject committee responsible for the chemistry content assessment of students at Teacher Training Institutions in the Netherlands.

In November 2014 I joined the board of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV), with special focus on chemistry education.

Interest areas

My main interest is in the field of chemistry education, both with respect to student learning as with respect to pre- and in-service teacher education.


I am responsible for the following courses:

  • Orientation on chemistry pedagogy ( Inleiding vakdidactiek)
  • Chemistry pedagogy 1 (Vakdidactiek 1)
  • Chemistry pedagogy 2 (Vakdidactiek 2)
  • Educational research for teachers (Onderzoek van Onderwijs)
  • Teaching practice supervision (Schoolstage supervisie)

Selected publications

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