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2017 - date     Postdoctoral researcher MATCH-project
2016 - date     Guest lecturer,  KPZ Zwolle
2015 - date     Postdoctoral researcher Maastricht University
2011 - 2016     PhD-project, University of Twente


2010 - 2011     Research Master Behavioural and Social Sciences,
                        University of Groningen
2009 - 2010     Master Educational Sciences, University of Groningen
2006 - 2009     Bachelor Pedagogy and Educational Sciences, University of Groningen


The MATCH-project is aimed at analyzing the complex skill of ‘differentiation’ in primary school mathematics education and at developing and evaluating a differentiation training for teachers. Given the complexity of this skill, differentiation is analyzed by applying the 4C/ID model. This is done in three contexts: traditional’ schools that use reguler school books; traditional schools which use ICT-tools in stead of school books and innovative schools which intensively use ICT. The task analysis will be the basis for the development of a training trajectory, that will be implemented and evaluated in all three contexts. 

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