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dr. M.J. Wentzel, Jobke

Jobke WentzelPostdoctoral Researcher

Presence: Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday
Building: Cubicus, room C219
Telephone:+31 (0)53 489 6549
email: m.j.wentzel [at]


Jobke’s research focuses on user or human centered design to improve the match between user and technology. She currently works on a postdoc project, Google glass for VIPs, at the department of Media, Communication and Organization. In this project, Jobke applies user centered design to assess how multimodal interfaces (such as smart glasses) can be designed in such way that they are accessible to people with an impairment or disability (such as visually impaired persons). Too often, accessibility is an afterthought and forms little priority during (early) development phases. By involving users and stakeholders via participatory development, we aim to create design guidelines for accessible wearable technology and smart applications.

Jobke’s background is in psychology and communication science. She previously worked as a PhD candidate at the department of Psychology, Health and Technology, at the Centre for eHealth and Wellbeing Research, of the University of Twente. Here she did research into the development and evaluation of eHealth technology. Jobke will defended her PhD thesis titled ‘Keeping an eye on the context: Participatory development of eHealth to support clinical practice’ on 23 October 2015. The thesis can be viewed here.


The application of user-centered design methods in early design phases, are the focus of Jobke’s research. In her studies, she aims to contribute to knowledge on how user or stakeholder involvement can lead to better technology, and under what preconditions this is the case. Usability and accessibility go hand in hand (and greatly overlap), and besides persuasive elements in design, they enable us (persons with or without some form of disability) to make use of the potential the technology offers.


  • Human Centered Design
  • Business modeling and stakeholder involvement in development
  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • eHealth
  • Wearable technology
  • Smart applications
  • Participatory development
  • Guideline development


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