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Ester starts at the University of Twente with the bachelor Communication Science and master Corporate Communication. She continued her career path at the University of Twente with a PhD project at the department of Communication Science. Ester’s research focuses on defining and measuring levels of e-skills among employees in the creative industry. The PhD project is part of an interdisciplinary research project entitled 'e-Skills, key to the 21st century', funded by the NWO and different public-private partners.

Research topic

Information and communication technologies (ICT) have developed as a central contributor to economic growth. However, without the required e-skills, the benefits that ICT offer will not be fully collected. E-skills should be considered as the entry ticket to employment and innovation. The top sector creative industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Dutch economy. This PhD project aim is to identify and quantify the current and expected needs in e-skills for employees in the creative industry.

  • Digital skills at work (e-skills)