Activities 2018/2019

After a period of silence, Psychology Alumni Association Amygdala is back in the game! From this year onwards, Amygdala wants to be actively involved in the careers of both students and (future) alumni. Amygdala was founded in 2008 and most of you probably know Amygdala from the past LinkedIn workshops or the small gift, letter and/or email you receive at the end of your studies. We hope to change this in the following years. Like the Amygdala is generally involved in experiencing, processing and controlling emotions, the alumni association want to create experiences, help you out processing the wide range of variables to incorporate as a student and stimulate you to take control of your career (for both students and alumni). Therefore, we took the last year to work out Amygdala’s identity and activities, and now it’s time to start!

Planned activities

  • You will get the chance to meet alumni every two weeks in our ‘Humans of New York’ inspired series of ‘Humans of Psychology’. In this series you will encounter a diversity of alumni and a range of possible (future) career possibilities. We found a wide range of people to be willing to write their story down according to several questions. We can already reveal that we found alumni from every master which is currently given at the University of Twente. In addition, we even have a few alumni who started their career directly after the bachelor, or switched to other study programmes (like communication studies) or universities (like Radboud University). Every alumni is found to be prepared to additionally answer your questions. This series will be published on the Amygdala site (see below) and communication will pass through LinkedIn and the Dimensie Newsletter.
  • We expect to be able to invite you with the first alumni lecture by Amygdala this year. For this, we hope to cooperate with the study association of psychology Dimensie. Next to awesome content, there will also be an opportunity to meet alumni.
  • Every master student that gets his or her degree at the beginning of September 2018 or later will get a profound, brain-cracking, stress relieving gift. This gift shows our new logo and helps you to take control of all the graduation stress and find some relaxation during the difficult time of finding a job.
  • Our LinkedIn page was very quiet for a long time. You will notice we will revitalize the page by actively posting interesting messages. Since we are not the only ones doing so, we will focus on messages which are related to the students and alumni. That means that some job opportunities will be posted, but none that are easily found elsewhere (like the job opportunities on
  • We are planning to join the ‘werdveldweek’ that will take place in november 2018.

Get in touch!

The amygdala is part of a wider (brain)network and collaborates with the several other structures. Like the amygdala, the alumni association likes to be part of a wider network. For the amygdala to be functional growth is needed, which takes time. While the alumni association is actively seeking collaboration ideas, initiatives or opportunities for our members are very, very welcome. If you know anyone who likes to give a lecture, wants to network, or wants to join our series of ‘Humans of Psychology’ you are very welcome to get in touch. We very welcome to embrace us.

The current board

Anouk den Besten, Lecturer & Junior Researcher at the department of Psychology of Conflict, Risk & Safety at University of Twente

Ronald Roskam, Mental Health Psychologist (GZ-Psycholoog) at Pro Persona MHI.

Peter Slijkhuis, BMS Lab Coördinator at University of Twente

Check out the Amygdala LinkedIn page for upcoming activities!