Sustainable fountains

Background information:

Fonteintechniek Gruppen ( has something with water. They are inspired by the design and realization of attractive projects. From simple to spectacular, they create form to water.

Fonteintechniek Gruppen has over 18 years of experience in the supply and installation of fountains and water features. They also provide complete maintenance of fountains and water features.

Their clients include both individuals and companies, municipalities and other government agencies, architects and landscape designers. They deliver a total package for both consumers and professional users and are primarily active in Netherlands.


Fountains are high energy consuming installations and are therefore expensive in use. Sustainability is becoming more and more an issue for all kinds of organizations. Municipalities and other organizations can’t afford themselves to purchase high energy consuming installations (even if they can afford it). On the other hand organizations are interested in attractive public areas and fountains can play an important role in these public areas. Therefore, it is necessary for Fonteintechniek Gruppen to do research on the possibilities of less energy consuming fountains, so they can eventually serve the market of fountains in a sustainable way.

Possible solution:

Possible directions of solutions are:

  • Making the different components of which a fountain exists smarter.
  • Possibilities of renewable energy or the use of water pressure.

This could be a challenging assignment to fulfill your bachelor or master thesis.

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