Maxim Nyansa Rural Area/Ghana


Maxim Nyansa is an NGO based in both Ghana and the Netherlands. It is our mission to create career perspective for young Africans using IT. We train our own IT consultants who execute integrated IT and learning transformation projects for Junior High Schools in West-Africa. The solutions we offer to schools contain

  • IT labs
  • Learning management software
  • Free multimedia educational content.

While in most parts of Africa the majority of the population does not have access to internet and electricity supplies are unreliable, this situation is rapidly changing, in particular for the fast growing metropolitan areas where the majority of the young people live. In addition, most adults now have smartphones and affordable 3G data.   We are dedicated to take education to the next level in this part of the world.

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At the moment high schools in remote rural regions in Ghana have hardly any IT infrastructure available. There may be no electricity, mobile phone or internet accessibility available in a village and financial resources are very limited. The access to free educational content on the internet will be a huge step forward for the quality of education in West Africa. Teachers will be able to use videos, exercises etc. to enrich their lesson plans, and preferably that same material is available for reference, homework and examination preparation for the students, too.


For our high school projects in remote rural areas Maxim Nyansa is looking for an IT architecture solution where students and teachers can optain optimal access to these resources while currently there is no internet, electricity or closed building available and financial resources are very limited. This IT architecture can then be tested as a pilot on various locations where Maxim Nyansa executes a project with a junior high school.

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