Descending platform for handicapped scuba divers


The Dutch Underwater Sport Federation (Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond – NOB) has started a program which they name “Lucky Fin”. Central within this program is to develop opportunities for people with a handicap (for example people with paraplegics) to scuba dive. A handicapped scuba diver is always accompanied by at least 1 and a maximum of 4 certified scuba diver. In swimming pools there are also technical solutions for a handicapped scuba diver to descend in the water. In open water there are none.


The Dutch Underwatersport Federation is curious about the design of a kind of elevator/platform which helps handicapped people to descend in open water responsibly.

Some important factors to be included are:

  • Human centered design (both handicapped scuba diver and his/her mentor)
  • Dimensions about 10 to 20 meters (accessible for a maximum of 10 scuba divers)
  • Equipped with some sort of a lock system so the scuba divers can leave the elevator/platform when descended
  • Equipped with some kind of a heating system so the scuba divers can adjust his/her body to the most of the time cold water temperature
  • Ease of use, robust and vandal-proof
  • Resistant to both salt water / fresh water and frost / ice
  • Taken in account the ecological regulations and restraints for open water

This could be a challenging assignment to fulfill your bachelor or master thesis.

For further information:

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