Business Development at Twinsense 360 / VR Trainingsmodule


Twinsense ( is an internet and video production company based in Enschede. Twinsense knows that a simple online presentation is no longer sufficient. Increasing the internet experience of one’s target group is our goal.

In addition to Twinsense they have founded Twinsense360 since 2015 ( ). Twinsense360 specializes in the development of virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and App development. New in this are the training modules that allow virtual training through the VR glasses. For example, evacuation exercises or installation modules for technical equipment.


It is difficult for many companies to train certain practical situations. For example, because the situation cannot be staged, but also because distances are too big. It also happens often that the machine that employees have to operate is too large to place in a trainingroom.

Employees can train locally through Virtual Reality. Think of specific maintenance and service work, practicing calamities or operating new equipment, even before they are present in the organization. VR training makes it all possible. Instructive, safe and independent.

 Twinsense360 has experience on the Dutch market, but also wants to expand its activities to Germany. However, Twinsense36 lacks knowledge about the German market. At this moment Twinsense360 is unable to enter the German market in a structured way.


Twinsense360 would like to have a business development plan for the German market with a strong emphasize on marketing and sales. For the project, it should therefore be investigated which sectors in Germany are attractive for Twinsense360. Parts of the research could include:

• Field and Desk research

• Market research on the German market in the field of VR and AR training modules

• Writing a recommendation report

An attractive graduation assignment for a student who has a strong affinity with marketing and sales on the German market in a high tech environment. Potential candidates should speak German.

For further information:

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