Sensor Board 2.0

Background information

Kapiteinlabs is a company of 4 people that are pioneering in R&D in different fields. They have been working on plasma technology to clean air pollution and are looking to expand to different applications. The company also works on image optimisation, super plastic, nano enhancement and sonar imaging. Finally, Kapiteinlabs develops a broad range of sensor devices, and that is what this project is about.

Problem definition

This project is about a sensor board carrying a variety of sensors that can be used in a wide range of applications. However the board is developed by Kapiteinlabs in 2015 and contains old sensors with limited functionality. Not all sensors are on the market anymore.


Can the current board be redesigned to make sure it is up to date and has improved functionality and can be interfaced/integrated with multiple other devices.

The system will have a wide range of sensors and an onboard SOC + mem for data processing and basic analytics.

The student will have great freedom to unleash his or her creativity and will play a vital role not to be underestimated. What you will work on will actually be used in multiple ways and settings.

And last but not least: you will recieve full credits for your work, you will have a vital role and will be treated as such.

For further information:

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