Power Monitor

Background information

Kapiteinlabs is a company of 5 people that are pioneering in R&D in different fields. They have been working on plasma technology to clean air pollution and are looking to expand to different applications. The company also works on image optimisation, super plastic, nano enhancement and sonar imaging. Finally, Kapiteinlabs has been working on a new power monitor that theoretically can be used in a wide range op applications.

 Problem definition

The specifications of the power monitor are promising, but that is all theoretical. It needs to be proven in practise. What can it do? Where are its limits? The power monitor needs to be tested and researched.


The power monitor needs to be researched to explore its functionality. Kapiteinlabs would like to start with testing the monitor on a washing machine to see if the monitor might detect or even predict failure of the machine. After that the student can choose what to test the monitor on next, and that is all up to him/her.

 This project is for a person with a great ‘exploration mindsetting’, possibillities are endless and it’s up to you to dig into it and find the ‘golden nugget’.

For further information:

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