Facility Master Plan

Timmerije B.V.
Timmerije is a high end production plant with an open culture. Our innovative character led us to winning the ‘Innovation and Inspiration Award 2018’ for a bio based and biodegradable product that is not an idea, but actually a product that is sold on the market. Timmerije has also been nominated for the DISCA (Dutch Industrial Supliers & Customer Awards) multiple times, being second best in 2014 and 2016 the company belongs to the top knowledge suppliers in The Netherlands.

Timmerije’s ‘business’ is driven by injection moulding. 50 moulding machines and 160 people are dedicated to difficult and complex products. Mechanical and visual qualities are the main expertise.

Timmerije offers a one-stop-shop for the customer. All disciplines from product design, to process design, to mould design, to process development and finally production are done in house.

Key to Timmerije’s strength as OEM supplier is the flexibility, which is a fine challenge for the back office and logistics. In short, Timmerije adepts it’s routines on a customer to customer basis to fit the customer’s request.

Despite being a 85-year old company, Timmerije is evolving on many fronts. The company grows in expertise, customers and people. Are you up to the challenge? Will you be part of it?

We offer you an assignment that can really make a difference, no theoretical study predestinated for the bottom drawer. As Timmerije is expanding their internal logistics is stretched to the max. Their production floor is too small and supplies and finished goods are suboptimal organized. In fact they see it as evident that they need more space. Your task is to find out what the best way is to expand. How should we change the layout? Should they build new storage? Do they need plain floor space or reach racks for storage?

During the assignment you will create a master plan for the facility. It’s your job to weigh the different options. You will explore storage as a service, off site storage, building new and a mix of these. It’s up to you to find different solutions and calculate their respective price tags. We challenge you to come up with literally ground breaking ideas, and we reward initiative.

Is this your assignment?
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