Business development at Alia Instruments

Alia Instruments ( is a young fast-growing company, active with an innovative product in the field of non-nuclear density measurement for slurry. Alia Instruments is a builder of production monitoring equipment for the maritime and mining industry. Our innovative non-nuclear density meter for slurry offers accurate real-time data, allowing clients to truly optimize their production while eliminating the costs of RSO certifications and the disposal of hazardous materials. After a 5 year development path within our sister-company Imotec B.V. the decision was made to deal with this product from a separate company, as Imotec is a specialist in dredging, but this product has a much wider potential.

After a serious investor stepped in, they have started with the company in 2017, and Alia Instruments have seen that there is a lot of interest directly from the beginning, from a variety of markets. This interest comes from all over the world, and therefore they have decided to establish an agent network. In a number of countries they have found partners to be proud of, however other territories are still open. And this is where the assignment comes in.

Alia Instruments would like to have a good business development plan for especially Russia / Ukraine. There is room for two students who could work on this graduation assignment.

So, if you are looking for a challenging graduation assignment at a promising start-up company. Alia Instruments has his office within the Demcon building located in Enschede. We are searching for commercial talent with a feeling for a technical environment. Candidates need to speak Russian.

For further information:
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