Digging Deep

We are looking for teens JUST LIKE YOU to tell us…

…about gaming and what it does for you

…about being in and out of doctor’s practices or hospitals

…about how you handle your emotions

…and help us create a mobile GAME FOR TEENS facing serious health issues.

The game is based on the journaling book Digging Deep. In our game, teens will write to play and play to heal— in a world of Alice in Wonderland meets Urban Street Art. The game is about self-exploration, artistic expression, gaining insight, and building camaraderie. Playing the game is about putting yourself out there, being real - and being accepted for who you are.

We need YOU so we can get it right!

We need teens like you to ensure the game experience is right for teenage people. We are looking for your participation throughout the game creation process next year. You would participate in focus group sessions and participate in our Facebook group—where we will ask you to give us feedback on visuals and game flowcharts. We will also ask you to play with beta versions of the game and keep a journal about it.


When and where?

You can help us in three different ways:


Participate in User testing - Play the game in a controlled environment and tell us what you think. Playtests are one-off sessions.


Engage in our Focus groups - Play and give feedback in a smaller round with questions that dig deeper. You may be asked to keep a player diary. You can sign up for a single focus group or for more (total of 8 focus groups) throughout the year.


Join the Player Sounding Board – Become a Teen Expert and provide feedback and input every step of the way, helping us design and create the best player experience. You will be our Teen Experts, and you will also participate in our Facebook group. We need your commitment until post launch (minimum commitment 6 months).

The fun starts the second week of January with a 2-hour focus group. We will work virtually, using social media, video, and other tools to accommodate your participation if you are not feeling well. Some sessions may be in person in a playtest location.

What’s in it for you? 

We offer Amazon vouchers to spend as you like. The USD amount of the vouchers depend on whether you are participating in one or more focus group and/or testing session. There will be a separate voucher if you commit to be on our player sounding board.


Who is behind Digging Deep?

Digging Deep is a project by the publisher Resonance House, LLC. For more information see here


Are you in?

Jump in and join teenagers like you to make the journey through health challenges better!


Sign up and send us an email to help us do some good with our game!