NIG Scientific Mission and Research Programme 2012-2017

The mission of the Netherlands interuniversity research school NIG is to stimulate, facilitate, and assist the further scientific development of the administrative and political sciences in the Netherlands so that it meets up with the highest international quality standards in our fields of science. In order to achieve this mission NIG has the following objectives:

• Make a major contribution to the training of young researchers in its field, both by providing a high- quality two-year training programmes for all Ph.D. students from all over the Netherlands (and Flanders), and by co-operation with and support of member institutions who provide such training;

• Provide its members with a ready-made network, offering information plus organizational and financial support for targeted, high quality research activities. It provides a strategic forum for the academic community to discuss key issues such as curricula, professional standards and research quality;

• Represent the disciplines of political science and public administration at national (Dutch) and international levels. In these contexts it seeks to promote both the quantity and the quality of research undertaken. It also seeks to make the wider world more aware of the achievements of the Dutch research community, as well as its social value and relevance.