Research Colloquia

Research colloquia are based on a joint interest of Ph.D. students and senior members, from different member universities, in a similar topic or field. Colloquia are headed by two senior members, who organize meetings on a regular basis (on average twice a year). During these meetings Ph.D. students and senior members present and discuss their research.

Next to this feedback function, colloquia also have a product oriented focus; the members of a colloquium can, for example, decide to carry out research together, or write a form of publication together (book, article, paper, special issue).

In sum, colloquia serve three main functions:


to expand the network of researchers in similar fields of interest;


to offer feedback to Ph.D. students and young researchers on their work; and


to produce useful output, which fits with the NIG research program. The NIG office supports the convenors of the colloquia, financially and otherwise.

At the moment we have the following colloquia

1: The Politics and Governance of Administrative Reform in Central and Eastern Europe

Chaired by: dr. Giselle Bosse (Maastricht University), dr. Veronica Junjan (University of Twente)

2: Reframing Professionalism

Chaired by: prof. dr. Mirko Noordegraaf (Utrecht University), prof. dr. Bram Steijn (Erasmus University) dr. Karin Geuijen (Utrecht University), dr. Lars Tummers (Utrecht University), dr. Scott Douglas (Utrecht University)

3: Public and Political Leadership (PUPOL)

Chaired by: Dr. Leonie Heres, (Utrecht University), dr. Karin Lasthuizen (VU Amsterdam), dr. Sandra Resodihardjo (Radboud University), dr. Sabina Stiller (Radboud University)

4: Strategic HRM in the public sector

Chaired by: prof. dr. Sandra Groeneveld (Leiden University), prof. dr. Peter Leisink (Utrecht University)

5: Trust in Public Administration

Chaired by: prof. dr. Geert Bouckaert (KU Leuven), prof. dr. Steven van de Walle (KU Leuven), dr. Frédérique Six (VU Amsterdam)

6: Energy and Climate Governance

Chaired by: dr. Thomas Hoppe (Delft University of Technology), dr. Ellen van Bueren (Delft University of Technology), dr. Maurits Sanders (University of Twente/Saxion)

7: EU and International Governance

Chaired by prof. dr. Esther Versluis (Maastricht University), dr. Rik de Ruiter (Leiden University)