NIG is a cooperation between eleven universities: Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Leiden, University of Twente, University of Utrecht, VU University Amsterdam, Radboud University of Nijmegen, Technical University of Delft, University of Tilburg, University of Maastricht, the KU Leuven and the University of Antwerp. NIG represents the researchers and departments in the field of public administration and political science of these universities.

The Board of NIG consists of representatives of the founding universities, two representatives for the other universities and an independent chairman. The board is in charge of the overall strategy and decisions regarding NIG’s future. Also, they determine the annual budget and annual reports.

In the 
Advisory Council all participating universities are represented as well as the Ph.D. Council. This council provides advice to the directors on almost all activities of NIG, such as the Annual Workconference, the establishment of new Research Colloquia,  changes in NIG’s strategy and the training program for Ph.D students. The Advisory Council takes decisions on the applications for Research Activation Grants.

Ph.D. Council consists of representatives of all participating universities. It meets about two times a year to discuss issues of importance to the Ph.D. students within NIG.

NIG Office is located at the University of Twente. The management team of the NIG consists of:


Prof.dr. Bas Denters, scientific director ( )


Dr. Minna van Gerven, executive director ( )


Mrs. Seeta Autar, bureau manager (

NIG has been reaccredited by ECOS/KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) in 2012 for another period of 6 years (2012-2018).

Please note that NIG does NOT employ researchers and does not carry out research on its own.

NIG facilities are for MEMBERS ONLY.