MIRA University of Twente


Wednesday 9 March 2016

12.00-13.00     Registration and lunch    

13.00-13.15     Opening by Albert van den Berg - University of Twente, The Netherlands

13.15-14.00     Matthias Lutolf - EPFL, Switzerland
                        Bioengineering cellular environments to guide stem cell self-organization

14.00-14.45     Steven Kushner - Erasmus MC, The Netherlands  
                        Using iPSC-based models for neuropsychiatric disease modeling

14.45-15.15     Drinks

15.15-15.30     Young talent 1

15.30-15.45     Evita van de Steeg  - Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific
                        Research (TNO) 

15.45-16.00    Valeria Orlova - Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) 
                       Modeling of vascular diseases with patient-specific induced  pluripotent 
                       stem cells (iPSCs)    

16.00-17.30    Poster session, drinks     

17.30-18.15    Adam Feinberg -  Carnegie Mellon University, USA 
                       3D Printed and Nanofabricated Scaffolds for Engineering Contractile Cardiac Muscle


Dinner at the Faculty Club

Thursday 10 March 2016

09.15-09.30    Registration with coffee and tea 

09.30-10.15    Jaap den Toonder - TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands
                       Microfluidics: enabling organ-on-chip by merging technology and biology

10.15-11.00   Thomas Eschenhagen - UMC Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany  
                      3D Engineered heart tissue for vitro testing and cardiac repair

11.00-11.30    Coffee and tea break   

11.30-11.45    Tobias Hasenberg - TissUse, Germany
                       Emulating the Human Vasculature in a Multi-Organ-Chip Platform

11.30-12.15    Session about commercial activities in the field of organs-on-chips, with
                       TissUse, Mimetas, among others.

12.15-13.30    Lunch -   Meet the expert lunch

16.00              Double inaugural lecture Professor Robert Passier and
                       Professor Christine Mummery (registration separate from IOOCS16!)