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Industrial focus group XUV Optics


Master assignment

Flying circus spectrometer: A tool for understanding EUV light sources
Contact: dr. Muharrem Bayraktar (

The XUV Optics group is undertaking an exciting spin-off project based on a newly developed optical component: a nanoscale patterned transmission grating that enables high resolution spectroscopy in the XUV wavelength range. The project goal is to do a comprehensive spectral characterization of EUV sources, through measurement of source spectrum in a broad range, from EUV to visible. Industry has shown interest and a recent grant was received for further optical and technological development of spectrometers. Currently a wealth of spectroscopic data is being gathered from several EUV sources including the most powerful industrial sources in the world.

The assignment of this project is to measure and characterize the spectra from different light sources. Goal is to develop and evaluate methods for retrieval of the emitted spectra from measurements. A particular challenge in the retrival is the overlap of several diffraction orders of the grating and contribution of the noise. Candidate solutions include a first method to stitch spectra retrieved from 1st order measurements with several bandpass filters, and a second method to remove all higher order diffraction contributions from measured spectrum. In this project, you can gain experience in principles of spectrometers and spectroscopic analysis.