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FC Spectrometer

Research project

Project number: NNNL_V48
Flying Circus Spectrometer for characterization of EUV light sources from UV to soft x-ray wavelengths
Acronym: FC Spectrometer
Duration: 2016    
Project leader: Dr. M. Bayraktar (
Project team: 
Dr. M. Bayraktar, Dr. B. Bastiaens, Dr. B. Vratzov, Ing. C. Bruineman, Prof. Dr. F. Bijkerk  
Researcher: Dr. M. Bayraktar

Extreme UV light sources are of great interest for a number of high tech applications, including photolithography. The lithography light sources are designed to emit strongly in a narrow wavelength band around 13.5 nm. However, they also emit radiation outside the desired EUV band. Knowledge about this out-of-band radiation is vital because it can cause detrimental side effects in the patterning of the fine chip features. Knowledge of this disruptive out-of-band radiation is largely missing due to the lack of a spectrometer that allows measuring over the wide wavelength range from the in-band EUV up to the UV (~400 nm). This project aims to develop a compact transmission grating based spectrometer that solves this problem as it allows to measure a wide spectral band with high precision and great detail. With this spectrometer, for the first time a comprehensive spectral diagnosis becomes possible allowing critical light source optimization for higher in-band powers and reduced out-of-band radiation.

XUV group is collaborating with several industrial partners in this project through the valorization funding granted by NanoNextNL.