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AICO TROEMAN (PROMOTION DATE: 13 DECEMBER 2007) Besides being an extremely tiny sea animal (laughs), a nanoSQUIDs is an acronym for a nano Superconducting Quantum Interference Device. It is a miniaturized version of the most sensitive magnetic field sensor in existence... JING SONG (PROMOTION DATE: 28 NOVEMBER 2007) "New Approaches in the Engineering and Characterization of Macromolecular Interfaces Across the Length scales: Applications to Hydrophobic and Stimulus Responsive Polymers" is about enhancing characterization and surface engineering approaches to test and control physico-chemical changes on specified polymers MERCY MATHEWS (PROMOTION DATE: 22 NOVEMBER 2007) The main subject of my thesis was to study and compare the structural and magnetic properties of thin films with the nanodots and nanowires that I subsequently made... DIDIER MARTIN (PROMOTION DATE: 7 NOVEMBER 2007) We are trying, and this has been an ongoing process over the last 15 years, to make superconductors into imaging detectors for radiation in general and optical radiation in particular. We optimized the fabrication method of the existing detectors. As a result we discovered new effects in our measurements, and tried to explain these theoretically... PAUL RUSU (PROMOTION DATE: 25 OCTOBER 2007) Basically my thesis is about metal-organic interfaces. The work is motivated by recent developments in molecular electronics, where organic semiconductors constitute active layers in various electronic devices such as thin film transistors, solar cells or light-emitting diodes... TU HOANG (PROMOTION DATE: 28 SEPTEMBER 2007) In short my thesis focuses on the development of a high efficient, high speed light emitting device in silicon. Silicon is important because it is a cheap material widely used in industry... MANON LUDDEN (PROMOTION DATE: 21 SEPTEMBER 2007) Protein immobilization is important for e.g. diagnostic systems in hospital laboratories. The proteins that are characteristic of the illness need to be detected, wich can be done for instance by immobilization of an other protein which has the ability to bind the protein of interest... BYOUNG-CHUL MIN (PROMOTION DATE: 31 AUGUST 2007) Roughly speaking modern electronics is based on the transport, manipulation, and storage of charge, with the transistor as the central element... HENK DAM (PROMOTION DATE: 16 MAY 2007) Americium is a metal like uranium, but man-made. It does not occur in nature. Imagine the waste product of the nuclear energy industry like a very hot highly toxic soup comprising different elements, a large part of it uranium that has not been used and plutonium that is a result of the nuclear reaction... ALESSIO PIERMATTEI (PROMOTION DATE: 3 MAY 2007) My thesis is about the synthesis of liquid crystalline materials based on self-assembled molecules. You could compare these molecules with a house with just one room, where you build another one on top, and another and another, until you have a skyscraper. I use the principle of self assembly to get a structure that is actually visible... WICO HOPMAN (CUM LAUDE, PROMOTION DATE: 20 APRIL 2007) The project I mainly worked for was a project dealing with the development of a nanomechanical actuated light switch based on photonic crystals... EDWIN KLEIN (PROMOTION DATE: 11 APRIL 2007) I participated in two projects; both projects dealing with Fibre-to-the-home issues. A lot of people have fast internet connections using ADSL via telephone lines or cable... MONIQUE ROERDINK (PROMOTION DATE: 5 APRIL 2007) I worked with block copolymers comprising two blocks chemically bound together. A typical characteristic of polymers is that they do not mix and tend to phase-separate, like oil en water... FERNANDO BENITO LOPEZ (PROMOTION DATE: 5 APRIL 2007) We developed a microfluidic system to perform chemical reactions on a very small scale and at a high pressure... MATTHIJN DEKKERS (PROMOTION DATE: 8 MARCH 2007) I worked with transparent conducting oxides. There are not many materials that are transparent and have conducting properties at the same time.... MOHAMED GAMAR HUSSEIN (PROMOTION DATE: 23 FEBRUARY 2007) My thesis is about Silicon Oxynitride. That material is used in optical and electrical applications, e.g. in the Mesa+ Integrated Optical Microsystems Group to make waveguides... TOBIAS REVERMANN (PROMOTION DATE: 2 FEBRUARY 2007) The development of novel instrumentation and analytical methodology for quantitative microchip capillary electrophoresis (MCE) is described in this thesis...