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RONALD DEKKER (PROMOTION DATE: 22 DECEMBER 2006) Light plays an ever-increasing important role in the field of data communication. Modern data communication is nothing but light pulses propagating through a glass fibre cable... EGBERT VAN DER WOUDEN (PROMOTION DATE: 15 DECEMBER 2006) We have generated a flow using electric fields. Electro osmotic flow only works in very small channels. When you apply an electric field you get a higher charge that pulls at the fluid in the channel, thus generating a flow... ARDHASENA SOPAHELUWAKAN (PROMOTION DATE: 14 DECEMBER 2006) My thesis is about mathematical modelling of resonant optical structures. Optical resonators are structures that usually consist of two building blocks: an optical cavity and an assisting structure that functions as a mirror... IVAN NICOLAEV (PROMOTION DATE: 2 NOVEMBER 2006) In my thesis I describe experimental work in which effects of photonic crystals on spontaneous emission of light from quantum dots and organic dyes were studied. The studied quantum dots are very small particles, of size of several nanometers, made from CdSe semiconductor... HARTMUT HENNEKEN (PROMOTION DATE: 25 OCTOBER 2006) I developed a badge for workers to wear on their clothing. The badge is collecting certain chemicals to assess the workers exposure to those hazardous compounds. The staff of the radiology departments of hospitals wear similar badges... KARTHIKEYAN SHUNMUGAVEL (PROMOTION DATE: 13 OCTOBER 2006) Superconducting electronics is based on Josephson junctions. A Josephson junction consists of two superconducting electrodes separated by a very thin insulating layer... ANA VALERO (PROMOTION DATE: 12 OCTOBER 2006) Electroporation is a technique to change the permeability of the cell membrane to facilitate transport of drugs or chemicals for instance in and out of the cells. For this purpose, I applied an electric field of a high voltage but for a very short time in order not to kill the cell. The membrane opens up for a short time during which you can insert your chemical or other substance... HUSEYIN GÖKCAN (PROMOTION DATE: 1 SEPTEMBER 2006) An alternative for electron devices are the spin electron devices, using the spin of the electron as well as its charge... MARKO STURM (PROMOTION DATE: 13 JULY 2006) In our project we are looking for oxides with a larger dielectric constant than silicon oxide, the conventional gate oxide used for CMOS technology.... MOHAND TALANANA (PROMOTION DATE: 12 JULY 2006) Principally in this work I focused on the development of an efficient and flexible method which uses no adjustable parameters to study the electronic transport in complex and inhomogeneous nanostructures, e.g. hybrid systems combining magnetic, nonmagnetic and/or semiconductor materials... GEERT ALTENA (PROMOTION DATE: JUNE 2006) MOEMS devices are devices combining MEMS (Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems, small mechanical chips) and optics. The optics are mounted on the chip to measure the mechanical movement on the chip. An evanescent field could be simply described as a bit of light escaping the structure in which it is trapped. The mechanical movement on the chip influences the intensity of the light and that is what we measure... MARCELLO BARISONZI (PROMOTION DATE: 31 MAY 2006) First of all I would like to say that my thesis is a bit out of the scope of the University of Twente. The ATLAS experiment in Geneva, Switzerland... SEBASTIAN GÖTZ (PROMOTION DATE: 31 MAY 2006) We are an analytical group, we are measuring things. We do separations of substances, e.g. environmental pollutions or whatever... MARK HUIJBEN (PROMOTION DATE: 28 APRIL 2006) The main part of my thesis involved the growth of materials. Using pulsed laser deposition we ‘grow’ extremely thin layers of a few nanometres on a crystalline substrate... EWA TOCHA (PROMOTION DATE: 27 APRIL 2006) Tribology is a study of friction, adhesion, lubrication and wear of surfaces in relative motion. I focused on friction on the nanoscale. With Atomic Force Microscopy you can measure different types of forces... MARJOLEIN KOOPMAN (PROMOTION DATE: 21 APRIL 2006) I have looked at cell membranes and mainly cell membranes of human cells, dendritic cells and monocytes both cells of our immune system. For fighting infectious diseases it is very important how the proteins and lipids are organized in the cell membrane... JURGEN HUISSTEDE (PROMOTION DATE: 20 APRIL 2006) People in our group build and use equipment to look at single molecules at the smallest possible scale.
A possible technique for looking at single DNA molecules for instance, is fluorescence. Another possibility, not for visualization but to apply and measure forces within a molecule, are optical tweezers.With optical tweezers you capture a micron-sized transparent bead using strongly focused light...
KORAY KARAKAYA (PROMOTION DATE: 20 APRIL 2006) Electronic devices, we all know, are getting smaller and smaller. The journey of integrated circuits started by a handful of transistors per square centimetre, and now in modern processors, there are hundreds of millions transistors... GENNADY OSHOVSKY (PROMOTION DATE: 23 MARCH 2006) It is fairly complex to explain. I would like to compare the molecules I have been working with, with crocodiles... ERIC FABER (PROMOTION DATE: 16 MARCH 2006) Let me first explain about the FET or Field Effect Transistor. A FET basically works like an electronic switch; the most well known FET is the MOSFET, which forms the basic building block in computer chips... SZABOLCS DELADI (PROMOTION DATE: 4 MARCH 2006) Mems are micro electronic mechanical systems used in applications such as sensing and actuation... ASHIMA SAH (PROMOTION DATE: 3 MARCH 2006) The group here has been working on ceramic membranes (inorganic silica membranes). My project involved modifying the top layer, making it more hydrophobic to enhance separation properties of gases and liquids... MANISH ARORA (PROMOTION DATE: 16 FEBRUARY 2006) Cavitation is the formation of vapour bubbles in liquid when you reduce the normal pressure surrounding the liquid. They last for a very short period of time, in the order of hundredths of microseconds... OLGA CRESPO BIEL (PROMOTION DATE: 10 FEBRUARY 2006) My thesis describes the versatility of self-assembly and multivalency to create 2D and 3D nanostructures and to apply such protocols in more complex nanofabrication schemes... JEROEN HANEVELD (PROMOTION DATE: 20 JANUARY 2006) In short we tried to develop new techniques to make nanochannels, tiny channels for fluids or gases, and making them as cheap, accurate and robust as possible... LOURDES BASABABE DESMONDS (PROMOTION DATE: 13 JANUARY 2006) First we have developed a new fluorescent material for chemical sensing. The idea is to detect chemical substances with the fluorescent properties of the material... RUBEN SHARPE (PROMOTION DATE: 12 JANUARY 2006) The principle of microcontact printing was conceived in order to bridge the gap between the expensive method of photolithography and cheap traditional printing methods, which are limited to a low resolution...