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Electronically-active Interfaces

AmelandAmeland vuurtoren

Ph.D. workshop

16-21 June 2013

d’Amelander Kaap, Hollum, Ameland

The workshop entitled “Electronically-active Interfaces" is organized for Ph.D.-students in materials research. The workshop will be held on the island of Ameland (The Netherlands) from June 16th – 21th 2013. The workshop is sponsored by the PhD-network from the participating institutions and by the FOM-program “INTERPHASE”, and is open to all who are interested.

Organized by the Dutch materials research schools:

-MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology – University of Twente,

-Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials – University of Groningen,  

-Institute for Molecules and Materials  – Radboud University Nijmegen,


This workshop addresses the exciting new materials science that is currently explored in the field of electronically-active interfaces. Introductory lectures as well as in-depth presentations will be given on electronic effects at interfaces in various promising organic, inorganic and hybrid interfaces.

Topics and invited speakers

Bio-nano Interfaces

- Dr. ir. Pascal Jonkheijm (University of Twente)

Solid-Liquid Interfaces: Catalysis

- Prof. dr. Marc Koper (Leiden University)

- Prof. dr. Guido Mul (University of Twente), to be confirmed

Solid-Liquid Interfaces: Nanoionics

- Prof. dr. Jan Eijkel (University of Twente)

- Dr. James Seddon (University of Twente)

Solid-Solid Interfaces: Electronic transport

- Prof.dr. Andrei Kirilyuk (Radboud University Nijmegen)

- Dr. Andrea Caviglia (TU Delft University)

Solid-Solid Interfaces: Topology

- Prof. dr. Maxim Mostovoy (University of Groningen)

- Prof. dr. Alexander Brinkman (University of Twente)

Programme Committee

Prof. dr. ir. Alexander Brinkman, MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, UT

Prof. dr. Maria Loi, Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, RUG

Prof. dr. Andrei Kirilyuk, Institute for Molecules and Materials, RUN

Organizing Committee

Dr. ir. Gertjan Koster, MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, UT (chair)

Prof. dr. ir. Alexander Brinkman, MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, UT

Dr. Stefan Kooij, MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, UT

Dr. ir. Mark Huijben, MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, UT

Registration and information

The registration will open on May 1st. The number of places for the school is limited, so please register as soon as possible. The registration fee will be paid for you if you are a Ph.D. student at one of the participating Dutch materials research institutes. Otherwise, a registration fee of EUR 700 will be required (which includes housing and meals). You will receive a confirmation of your participation.

Please have a look at the conference website for registration details and more information:


Ameland is one of the beautiful Wadden islands in the north of the Netherlands. The hotel address is: d’Amelander Kaap, Oosterhiemweg 1, 9161 CZ Hollum, Ameland (


The conference location can be reached by public transport. By train, you can go to Leeuwarden (see Pay attention please when coming from the south, in Zwolle part of the train goes to Groningen, so please check if you are in the right wagon. From Leeuwarden you can take bus 66 to Holwerd.  Departure times can be found on In Holwerd you will find the departure terminal of the ferry to Ameland. For departure times, see If you come by car you can park your car at the terminal. If you want to bring your car to Ameland you will have to make a reservation for the ferry (see the above mentioned weblink). Upon arrival on Ameland, bus 130 will take you to Hollum. The bus stops in front of the hotel.


Please visit the conference website