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CV Daniël Albert Marie Vanmaekelbergh


Daniël Albert Marie Vanmaekelbergh

Born in Brugge, Belgium, 18 – 8 – 1958.


University studies __________________________________________________

• "Kandidaat" in science (chemistry), Universiteit Gent, Belgium, July 1978, cum laude.

• "Licentiaat" in science (chemistry), Universiteit Gent, July 1980, cum laude.

Master thesis: "Kinetic study of competitive photoelectrochemical reactions at III-V semiconductor electrodes". Supervisor: prof. W. Gomes, Dept. of Physical Chemistry.

• Ph.D. in science (chemistry), Universiteit Gent, 13 January 1984, cum laude.

Thesis: " Investigations on the mechanism of photoelectrochemical reactions at n-type III-V semiconductor electrodes". Promotor: prof. W. Gomes, Dept. of Physical Chemistry.

Career __________________________________________________________

• "Aspirant" of the "Nationaal Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek",

from 1-10-1980 to 3-4-1985 (military service from 4-6-1984 to 3-4-1985)

• Scientific researcher of the "Nationaal Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek", from 4-4-1985 to 1-4-1987.

• Postdoc in the group Condensed Matter of the Utrecht University (The Netherlands), from 1-4-1987 to 1-4-1989.

• Assistant Professor in the Department of Condensed Matter of the Utrecht University, from 1-4-1989 to 1-4-1991.

• Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Group Condensed Matter and Interfaces, Utrecht University, from 1-4-1991 to 1-12-2002.

• Since 2002: Professor (Bijzonder- en Profilerings-HL), Chair Chemistry and Physics of Nanostructures, Dept. of Chemistry, Science Faculty, since 1-12-2002

Scientific achievements ______________________________________________

• Vanmaekelbergh published more than 215 peer-reviewed papers in the fields of electrochemistry, physical chemistry, and nanoscience. In the last decade, 57 original research papers were published in high-impact journals (IPF >7), including Nature, Physical Review Letters, Nature Nanotechnology, Angewandte Chemie, Chem. Soc. Revs, JACS, Adv. Materials, Small and NanoLetters. His current H-index according to the Web of Science is 44.

• Currently cited 900 times/year.

• Several recent evaluations have shown that the section of Condensed Matter and Interfaces has one of the highest citation scores in the Chemistry Department UU, DINS (UU) and physical chemistry in Europe.

• Vanmaekelbergh is asked for invited or key-note lectures in International Conferences, Institutes and Universities 10 times/year on average.

Research mission _______________________________________________ Realizing a dream in nanoscience: controlling the structure of extended nanostructures on the atomic scale and measuring the relation between the atomic configuration, electronic structure and opto-electrical properties of nanostructures.

Research directions _________________________________________________

• Chemical synthesis of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals (quantum dots), and colloidal hetero-nanocrystals, structural characterisation on the atomic scale with TEM, HAADF-STEM and electron tomography (characterization in collaboration with researchers within the Debye Institute, Prof. H. Zandbergen (Delft), and Prof. S. Bals (Antwerpen))

• Self-assembly of nanocrystals into nanocrystal superlattices, structural characterization with TEM/electron tomography and study of the collective properties of nanocrystal superlattice materials

• Cryogenic UHV Atomic Force Microscopy, and Scanning Tunnelling microscopy/spectroscopy of quantum dots and graphene nanostructures

• The optical properties of ZnO nanowires (light-matter interactions, lasing)

• Collaboration with ISEN-IEMN (Lille) and Aalto University (Helsinki) on theoretical calculations of the electronic structure of nanocrystalline quantum dots and graphene nanostructures